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terrable matchmaking

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This games lobby matchmaking is driving me away. I am well below average as a player in this game. (apparently) I am almost always the lowest scoring player in the lobby. Yet somehow i still end up in lobbies with MLG level players and blatant wall hack/aimbotters. Give me SBMM for lobbies or give me my money back. Playing against equally skilled players could make this game fun. As is I am nothing more than prey for higher skilled players and I am losing any interest in continuing to play this game.


  • I-Shaamaan-I
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    Aside from your terrible spelling (sorry), you're right. The MM is bad if we can speak of any MM at all. So far it seems it might be all random, which is a real shame.

    I did, however, notice that the system tends to try and put parties against other parties. Example: I've accepted a lobby invite from ADV (bad idea, don't ever do it) and I think only one person from the other team was from ADV - the rest seemed to be from clans / grouped up.
  • MM doesn't work well in games with small player base.
  • o2-D3nTe
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    It was the same in TF1, and killed the game for me. It probably going to be the same with this one.
    It's not fun for low level players, and it's not for high level players.

    I'm not sure where you see so many cheaters though ? I have played 45h and haven't see any. (I had doubts about one player once, but it was in my first hours, so I was probably just bad).
  • GarfangGR
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    I agree with you :neutral: The MM is quite bad at times and most of the times It is better to find premades and play it. You could try to find some premades from various communities. Such as reddit discord group etc. I manage to find people to play with most of the times. And you will enjoy the game more. The combination of MM and the netcoding of this game makes it dififcuilt. Hope they fix it or find a workaround.
  • RRedux
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    This game is already infested with cheaters. The killcam makes it easy to spot, its not hard to tell the difference between a regular kill, and the snap-to when fireing that many cheaters use.

    I see it every other game.

    There are probably lots of cheaters using wallradar as well, but that's harder to tell since there are so many location-revealing mechanics in this game.
  • Vubi032
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    I can completely agree with this,

    There needs to be an Auto Balance feature, I started playing a few days ago, have about 30 h logged in to the MP.
    It is quite honestly a very punishing MM system, I either find myself in a team that is completely stomping or getting stomped.

    It is too random, and as a new player, it seriously damages my ability and desire to improve, This is a very specific kind of shooter, a very fun one when you aren't getting demolished by people with way more experience.

    I'm not trying to be the guy qq-ing about good players , but honestly there is something inherently frustrating when you pick up a new game, and get matched with players that are so far ahead of you they look like they are cheating.

    What option do you have as a player new to the franchise to stand a chance and fight back? This is a great game, but at the same time MM needs to be improved as quite honestly I want to get better, however.... I don't want to spend 30 odd hours of getting wrecked by people that quite honestly shouldn't even be in que with the rest of us.

    It might seem odd to TF veterans but for us new players this is a very painful transition, and it seriously damages both our enjoyment of the game and will to improve.

    I am hard at work doing the research and practicing the niche elements of the game as much as I can(youtube videos, loadout comparisons, movement tutorials and explanations) , would be nice if I could practice some of this stuff without getting demolished :)
  • Whiteknight1902
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    You are matched with people on your server.

    Try changing it.
  • Linnlz
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    Need team-balance based on MMR not matchmaking based on MMR.
  • radintov
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    It's kind-of depressing to see that the Matchmaking system still hasn't improved much after all these months.
  • Eiighty
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    agreed and I have somewhat of the opposite problem. Just about every game I joined I'd top frag with 80-100 points, but still lose because the next person on my team under me would have like 40 points with 2 or 3 kills and it would just get worse as you descended the list. The drag-down teams make the game frustrating too, especially when the other team has a much more even point spread. Obviously it's not those players fault for getting matched on that team, but they should definitely focus on improving the matchmaking to make it more fair. I don't mind losing against a team of equal skill, but losing in what feels like a 1v6 is just annoying.
  • Mudjestic
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    I really enjoy this game and I really like Respawn, so this might be biased thinking on my part, but maybe SBMM can't work so well because the player-base is so low now. Back in December, when I got this game, It was rare for me to be matched up with anyone over gen 4, but now the levels and skill are all over the place. Of course, that might be because the game was still new. Honestly, I'd rather get matched into an unbalanced game than wait five more minutes to get into a balanced game
  • radintov
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    I wouldn't. I want games that are balanced so that it doesn't feel like an uphill slog or a complete steamroll.
    Or games where one of the team doesn't have to play with less players than the opponents.
  • dc_ocean
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    I was wondering about the Match Making, cause Ive been playing this game since December 2016 and I'm still no good at the game and I rarely get over 3 pilots, maybe might get 1 Titan (rarely though) and few times (well quite few times) I've played players where their awesome and the score was double (500 - 200 for example) and I was wondering do they, or is there a spot for beginners still. I'm still trying to get used to using the game pad. So its interesting reading the comments above.
    Really enjoyed single player part of the game.
  • BeatBanditzz
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    I would advise that you guys/girls complete the campaign before playing multi-player. Also try to find groups to or parties to play with as they will help you get better.

    From what I've seen so far in the multi-player, players still don't understand the aspect of wall running and how vital it is to gain speed/momentum. I advise everyone go on YouTube and start watching tutorials on Titanfall 2.

    If anyone wants to play on XB1, send me a message and I'll give you my GT
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