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  • @Jayfresh_Respawn Fixed, though it wasn't an update issue. For some reason, Origin windows are minimizing to tiny taskbar leftovers that I can only access when I tab out of the game client. I clicked Maximize on one of them and sure enough, the purchase window was there. Along with like 7 others. This actually (sort of) resolves an issue I've been having with player profiles from in-game as well.

    Anyway, banners obtained! The consistent responses are appreciated.

    Your fix worked for me too bro. Thank you.

    Also shoutouts to Respawn for the awesome game!!
  • Lab406
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    I still can't buy the packs. Just tried for the 4th time. Origin crashed and won't restart. Rebooting PC. Not interested in a work around. When you want my money, you can let me know when it's fixed. Great game. Shocking support. I was looking forward to buying one of the prime titans and a new callsign to support the fact that new maps are part of the original purchase. How long has it taken now?
  • ChromolyRex
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    edited December 2016
    Not interested in a workaround? Even when it's fully explained? Then you weren't really looking forward to supporting them at all. Be honest.
    It's not like this is the only game that has problems.
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  • Lab406
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    Sorry, I have a family and a job. Software fixing rather than spending my very sparse spare time actually gaming isn't something I'm willing to do.

    When it's working, they can have some money. If it takes more than 5 minutes, not happening. Sorry my post offended you. I'm sure it's not the only game that has problems, it is however, the only game I'm playing until sometime next year.
  • Kryptogod
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    This seems to still be an issue. I also have the minimized window but i think this is a beta client issue and i'd really like to disable it but there seems to be no way. Would love to revert to a stable version :-(
  • Darbisan
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    Bumping this thread because I am still getting this error.

  • Bumping this because I am having a problem as well. Except mine is different. I am just getting a blank, white window from Origin. Is there a workaround?
  • MintyHit
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    I've got the same issue, I've tired everything. :-(
  • Same issues contact the support 3 times but no help last told me to write here so i hope it get better sonn
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