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Some quick updates!

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Hey friends, I’m going to try and do these recaps each week or every other depending on what's going on. Here’s a few items I can talk about:

Not receiving Advocate gifts after Regen: We are going to be introducing a fix with DLC 1 that will resolve the issue and retroactively reward the gifts you didn’t get.

FNN coming next week: Tuesday to be exact. We will be providing some of the first details about DLC 1.

Speaking on DLC 1…it will also include a patch with a number of fixes and changes that we will provide info on in an accompanying blog. I can’t speak to specifics yet but that information is coming.

Game feedback – Thanks all that have been giving thoughtful feedback. We’ve seen the survey and many more suggestions from all over. I’ve enjoyed reading the debates! The team is always looking for community feedback and reads a lot of it. Any changes that are pushed whether it's a patch or hot fix will be posted in the Game Updates section.

Map Rotation - we've seen feedback about players getting maps repeatedly and we'll be reducing its likelihood in a hotfix coming next week.

Join-in-Progress - We're investigating ways to reduce the frequency of join-in-progress matches, while making it a more rewarding experience when it does happen. Some of our ideas require further iteration and testing, but be assured that we've heard your feedback and will address it in the future.

Cheaters – We use Fairfight for catching cheaters in game and so far any follow ups we’ve done on reported cheaters has showed that they were already banned. If you do see cheaters, it’s best to capture video of it and send to [email protected] We take cheating seriously and continue to look at how we improve catching them. Fairfight does not do immediate action on cheaters but is catching them and banning.

Stuttering issues – If you folks are reporting this please include dxdiags from PC users so QA can see the entire spec and driver dates/versions used and this also allows us to try and reproduce on our end.

I'm also looking into getting more context around PING and localization issues. Have a great weekend all! We'll have lots of fun stuff to share and talk about next week.
Jay Frechette | Community Manager | Respawn
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