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Unable to wall run

I'm on the mission where you have to shift back and forth through time to work your way through the Ark facility. For some reason the game ceased allowing me to wallrun. All I can do is jump on the wall and slowly slide down. I can't progress in the story because I can't get past these obstacles without the ability to wall run. I've restarted the game already to no avail.
Any ideas?


  • Debu_Ranger
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    Also I'm on PS4 if that makes a difference.
  • Debu_Ranger
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    OK, I exited and reloaded the game and same problem. I can't wall run.
  • Debu_Ranger
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    I ran back across the zip line and tried to wall run in that lab like room and I can't do it there either now.
  • Debu_Ranger
    10 postsPosts: 11
    I'm deleting and reinstall the game and patch. I'll post if that helps.
  • Debu_Ranger
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    No change. So I'm not sure how to move forward now. I can't wall run anymore....
  • do not feel so bad i am on the first mission and can not wall run
  • I'm on PC and having this problem now on The Beacon campaign mission after retrieving the beacon from the satellite dish I can no longer wall run on any wall that is to my left, I just fall/clip through the wall and die.

    I have repaired all game files reloaded checkpoints and restarted the entire mission and still have the same issue. I can no longer progress in the campaign, it is a game breaking bug/glitch that needs immediate attention. I haven't encountered the problem at all in the game until now, right after I grabbed the beacon and tried to wall walk on the satellite dish I just constantly fall down through the wall, extremely frustrating.
  • aX5iT01wmngv
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    I'm on PC and having this problem now on The Beacon campaign mission after retrieving the beacon from the satellite dish I can no longer wall run on any wall that is to my left, I just fall/clip through the wall and die.

    I'm a PC player too, and had the same issue. The Double-Jump doesn't seem to work when trying to get back on that same area you're talking about. What I've noticed was that if you try to use only single jump, then the double would work at the next vertical wall, then single again, and finally double to reach the tower.

    I've fallen down dozens of times and never worked before I've tried this. They've made it way too hard and the jumps are not long enough, and you have to find that "sweet-spot" when you start and when you jump, otherwise never gonna make it through.

    I've seen guys doing it with no problem, but the double-jump doesn't always work, simply there is no second jump and one single is not enough, so I know exactly what you're talking about.

    Hope you can figure it out, but to be honest, it's gonna be really hard. :(
  • I too am at a point of wall jumping in the ark building after finding Johnson dead in ceiling. There is one part where I need to jump 3 times back in forth with double jumps and can't reach the 2nd floor. I've tried over 50+ times and have given up.

    I love his game but there is no way to get to the next section. Such a tragedy for the game and none of my friends play this to where I can get help or surpass this one area
  • cych888
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    I love this game but have sold it and no longer recommend it to others. I think with a little more re-coding this would enroll many more players. The problem is wall running in several sections where wall running is required is just about impossible. eg: having to wall run over an electric field to get to the other side. I have tried about 400 times to complete this task. More fool me.
  • cych888
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    Origin & Re-spawn and whoever else was involved in this debacle wont suck me in again (and many more I assure you). Such a loss.
  • I am stuck on this too- got past the satellite dish because you can just barely jump the gap if you time it right. The walls to the other side are impossible though- the 3rd to last one I just clip right through and die. Thanks F**ing Titanfall. Really **** I wasted money on a poorly coded game.
  • xnarcosysx
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    Are these all on PC? The satellite level you have to move the walls into position to make the jumps. As far as not sticking to the wall, it makes no sense.
  • i have given up on the game as well, after 100,000,0000,000 attempts to get over a wall in the campain timeshift section, why make a game that frustrates players to the point of rejecting the game is beyond me.
    i hate wasting time and money, at least i have lots of games to fall back on other than ea and origin to play as the frustration with the afore mentioned is now too much to deal with as the point of playing is for enjoyment and not pain.
  • lordpeano
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    Another PC, I am blocked as well. I have even tried changing from regular to easy. (I think easy is harder than regular)
  • Dr-Death625
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    edited October 2017
    me too.
    nice game until you can't do the silly double jump bovine dung. ( when it takes 5 more jumps and you die)
    i'm dumping TF2, today and keep my BF3 only
    and not buy any games like this ever again. here.
    They should make a game were all players can progress via different paths. (not just an open world but , alternate paths)
    That way all player of all ages, can play and enjoy. (even folks with war damaged hands)
    but not the game. score 1/10, or zero, if one play through to end can't happen it's a RIP.
    My guess it's made for 16 year old only by 16year old's.
  • dylanHT2
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    Lousy game. Wall run works fine during training but not in the game at all. ... After Titanfall 2 failure, I tried Witcher 3 as an alternative. When EA gave me a partial refund to reflect their promotional code that wouldn't work, it cancelled the game. EA staff (in whatever country) don't know how to fix the problem, claiming they only have a small office, and refused to refund the remaining purchase price. The manufacturer referred me back to EA as the seller. There's been no further response. ... EA has lost whatever credibility it used to have.
  • Xbox One: 2017-12-20 follow-up note. Watched You Tube run of successful Time Shift run over the electric floor. DOESN'T work that way on the Xbox One! The "Ghost" shows no time shift as it triple bounces and passes thru barrier wall at the end. I've tried a "straight" run and a "Time Shifting" run, seemingly countless times, and ALL ATTEMPTS simply ends up with death. Seems some time, since the successful You Tube run was published, your patches have hosed this section of the campaign. BTW have made it to 10/50 level in Titanfall 1.
  • nbargolf
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    I don’t know about everyone else but to me the wall walking is extremely excessive. Time after time you have to wall walk to move on. I takes up almost half the game and it’s difficult and gets to the point of boring. Like the game but this makes it a loser for me.
  • boxshorts
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    To proceed you gotta jump and that's impossible on a pc!
  • Magikf1ngers
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    boxshorts wrote: »
    To proceed you gotta jump and that's impossible on a pc!

    Actually - it's not. Not sure exactly where you're having trouble, but I've played through the SPC many times, and have never had a trouble getting through it - at least not because of wall running / obstacles.

    For me, Time Shift was challenging, but fun because it was challenging. I think that's how it is for most who play it. I'm not a huge fan of games being easy, if there is no challenge, there's no fun.

    Keep trying - don't give up. If you're having trouble - do what one of the previous posters did, and look it up on YouTube to find out what you need to do. If you're having trouble with the keyboard layout, then re-assign the keys to make it better for you.

    Come find me on the PC side - Magikf1ngers - network SLACKERS UNITED

    "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." - T.S. Eliot
  • Same thing is happening to me, i cant make it to the dish because i am falling through the floor, and cant wall-run, i have repaired game files and started campaign from the start but to no avail, anyone know how to fix this?
  • Anuwuu
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    I found a thread showcasing the same issue. For anyone looking at this, all you have to do is restart the affected level, go to your pause menu and select restart. Fixed the issue for me, best of luck to you all, past, present, or future.
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