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Searching for Data Center/Contacting Respawn Servers

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edited November 2016
Apparently if you've got more than one connection (4 port gigabit card) it will just be sitting querying for servers and never connect. So, I had to disable all the adapters I wasn't using, including the one that connects to my virtual machines FOR IT TO WORK!

I couldn't figure this one out until I went to reddit, please add to list of known issues or better yet FIX IT!.


  • Sulfer96
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    Gonna leave this here for people still having issues with "searching for data center". Go to your device manager (Search>Device manager>Network adapter drop-down menu) and click view at the top and select "Show hidden". You should see a bunch of adapters that are faded and solid. Disable all of the one's that are solid besides the one you use to connect to the internet. That fix worked for me (I'm using an external Network adapter).
  • Just wanted to add that I personally didn't have to disable all the network adapters. The only one I had to disable to get it working was the one labeled "Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter". After I disabled that one, I was able to connect.

    It actually wasn't a problem when I was using a wired connection. It only became a problem when I switched to using a USB Wi-Fi adapter. I'm on Windows 8.1 if that's relevant.
  • lyconkills
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    i try all that but the problem is i dont have any bunch of network connection i have only one
    even though i am locked out of multiplayer please help
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