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Net Choked, Out of snapshots

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edited November 2016
Platform: PC
Issue: In multiplayer matches I'm constantly getting the error message "Net Choked. Out of snapshots" and seem to be having serious desync problems with the server. Bullet hit registration is VERY poor, to the point of not being able to hit any enemies at point blank range without myself or target moving a high % of the time. During kill-cams the server image of what happened tends to be drastically different than what happened on my end. The "Net choked. Out of snapshots" message seems to be a source engine error message and is only visible if I have the statistics shown in game with the "+cl_showfps 1" although I still have the same desync issues regardless of if this is enabled. I don't have any issue in single player, only when connecting and playing on multiplayer. Network seems to be getting choked and I'm desyncing with the server snapshots causing my client to not be showing me the gamestate as it is occurring on the server accurately. Occurs on every server I've tried playing on despite having "Good" ping in games.
Can I reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Recently yes, it happens every match. It was happening only 80% or 90% of the time previously but the last few days I have not seen a single game where it didn't happen.
Details on how to reproduce the issue: Happens any time I play a multiplayer match online. As soon as the match starts I get the message, then sporadically through the game as well, often any time i die and respawn it seems as when it pops up most often.

Region: NA. 15 ping on main menu to New York Datacenter, 20/22 to Virginia servers. Tends to be ~30 ping in matches
ISP: Verizon FIOS
Connection Speed: 57 Mbps down, 64 Mbps up 20 ping to local speedtest server

Windows 10 64bit
Intel i5-6600 @ 3.5 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, 375.70 driver

Running with most all settings at high or very high, v-sync disabled and ~120-144 fps in game. Same issue occurs with v-sync enabled and this caps my fps at 59/60 which matches my monitor's refresh rate.

It seems like this is a relatively known issue on Counterstrike which as I understand uses the same source engine. It can be helped/solved there by adjusting your "rate" and "cl_cmdrate" and "cl_updaterate" on the client end depending on the server tickrate. I have no idea if this is anything similar to how the Titanfall 2 servers operate or not but thought it might be worth noting.

I've been though 5-6+ support chats about this issue and tried countless fixes to solve this. Reinstall, check files, clear origin cache, reinstall origin, try alternate admin account on my pc, checked/updated router firmware. Nothing has helped. Also tested and confirmed no packet loss to EA servers.

While I don't think it's the cause of the issue I'd also note that I couldn't seem to find any listed ports specifically for Titanfall 2. I did make sure I have all the ports listed for the first Titanfall game and Origin servers open which made no difference.

EA support has my DxDiag, MSinfo and UO Trace logs as well if any of them could be of any help if you either have access to them or I can share them again as well.

I don't have a screenshot of the error message or a video of the desync but I can work on trying to get them if it may help.


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  • Sinoc229
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    I'm having identical issues. It's 100% reproducible in any given match. I've monitored network usage, and it seems to be pretty constant.

    Region: NA, About 30 ping to Oregon 1 server
    ISP: Charter Spectrum
    Connection Speed: aprox. 50mbs down, aprox. 10mbs up

    Windows 7 64bit
    Intel core i7 3770k @ 3.50Ghz
    16GB ram
    Radeon R9 280x 16.11.2 drivers
  • IVespidI
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    Uhhh. So... no response? It's 2020 and I'm experiencing this exact issue. Any fixes? Is there a setting I can change? I get killed by players who aren't even aiming at me (on my screen) and then in the kill cam replay they are aiming. I can hardly even hit grunts sometimes. I go through multiple clips AND my missile salvo in my titan monarch to hit pilots out in the open with no dice. My target reticle moves AROUND targets like on one of those old cartoons where the guy gets shot at and the bullets all miss, leaving an outline of the guy on the wall behind him.

    Win 10 64bit
    Intel core i9-9900k @3.6ghz
    nvidia RTX2070 Super

    Connection: 76 down, 7 up
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