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"Lady and the Titan" callsign is sexist and a buzzkill



  • Toaster2V
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    I do not see it as sexist, Unnecessary? Yea I guess but the major audience of their game is male so therefore it does not truly matter. I think you are being childish posting about that a calling card in a video game is "sexist." Does it honestly matter?
  • OdysseyHome
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    I'm sorry that you have been so harassed on the forums. I too find some of the calling cards are derogatory to women by objectifying them as sex objects for male titillation. I don't think the cards were intended to cause such offense however as most are reinterpretations of war pin up posters where models pose next to war equipment; but i as a straight guy don't like the prevalence these cards seem to have among the community (which Respawn wouldn't know).

    The sexist cards are:
    • Lady and the titan
    • Down time
    • For the frontier!
    • To the nines
    • Killing with style
    • The bikini girl with no head and CAR SMG (paid)
    • The red head putting lipstick on (paid)

    There is also some sexist content in some of the maps, i think advertisements for sex bots or strippers (Angel city and Eden i think). Some of the titan nose paints have at least one pin up babe paint job, which i think are anime inspired as well as 'jet pilot' inspired as well.

    I don't think this content is indicative that Respawn is sexist but rather they use sexism tropes as dressing for the world of Titanfall (that its a space wild west). Nor do i think the choice of having a male protagonist is sexist since he takes orders from Sarah, but it is sad how you don't feel connected to jack since hes not a women. They do allow for female multiplayer characters. The female campaign characters are also treated fairly.

    A lot of you're criticism about 'sexist jerks' is mostly 'attribution bias'. We can't tell if their motivations for picking these cards are sexist in nature but the important point is that these cards make you feel uncomfortable. There would be huge dissent if a swastika was available as a call-sign so if any call sign makes anyone feel bad it is not good. Then again taking offense is a choice, so people choose what offends them, so i hope you can overcome this offense and enjoy the game which has no other explicit sources of intentionally sexist content.

    I myself use the dead to rights banner. I like to think of the pilot with the lasers as myself and i have a question mark patch as me going 'huh?'. But chances are that people think I'm some try hard that's kill obsessed since its displayed in there kill cam. I can never know how my call-sign is interpreted by others, i just choose it for myself as a joke. I also use the DMR a lot so its a badge of achievement I'm proud of.

    So i hope Respawn may consider swapping out the cards for others, but if i liked a card and someone took it away I'd be annoyed. Its hard to think of a compromise. Sexy men cards i don't think would work since no one should be an object but then again the models in these cards are consenting to their representation. Sexy posing can be fun so its hard to call sexism unless there is a bias towards one sex (which is the case here but this is more a societal culture that feminine traits are beauty and prissy while men are macho and strong). I think I'm overthinking things since these are drawings so are not actual people, but i think i highlighted the dilemma.
  • OdysseyHome
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    edited March 2017
    I originally made a more detailed post but it got deleted when i tried to edit it.

    I'm sorry you've been so harassed on the forums @ceylaMoon. I agree that the sexy female cards are alienating to female audience members, but I don't think the intent was sexist. You criticism about "sexist jerks' is attribution bias as we can't tell if the reason a player who selects the card is sexist, so I hope you can overcome your sensitivity to these cards and enjoy the game.

    As for the male protagonist choice I don't think that's sexist but its unfortunate that you don't feel comfortable playing as a man. At least the multiplayer has female avatars.

    Maybe it would be good if Respawn considered swapping the sexy call-sign cards for other graphics @Jayfresh_Respawn so as not to offend female audience members.

  • KnightWraith86
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    Not sure if anyone mentioned this as I'm not gonna read all the comments, but I'm sure it's supposed to be a war thing. Soldiers in wars frequently kept pictures of women with their belongings. I forget what they were called, but they would apply these types of images to their weapons, planes, and pretty much anything you could customize. They would have them in their lockers and would have photos of their women from back home with them. It gave them a sense of comfort and reminded them what they were fighting for. Many planes and such had nose art of women like that. It's a war thing.
  • You just. Can. Not. Win. You don't put women in video games, it's underrepresentation and exclusion, you do put them in, you're encouraging violence against women, you make them NPCs, you're making women out to be useless. Even when men and women die side by side, the fact that you can see her **** makes it sexist. **** off, lady.
  • Maxedgamer97
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    Should I call beauty and the beast sexist just cuz the portrayed the man as a beast? Lol very little think it's sexist. This is not a big deal that your making it out to be..
  • MetalNeverDies77
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    edited September 2017

    Get over yourself, princess. The world doesn't exist to serve you. The games industry doesn't exist to serve you. No one gives **** about you. If you or I were to fall off a cliff and die tomorrow, no one would give a **** and a half. This isn't "Harrassment" or "Sexism" this is real life. No one **** cares if something hurts your little wee fee-fees in the real world.


    I'll bet the criticism and hatred come your way in this thread has made you feel validated, like people really do hate women and you're righteous crusader who's here to make everyone's lives better. You're not. You're just a tard on the internet who thinks their opinion matters. You are a dime a goddamn dozen.


    You're free to believe whatever the **** you want. So am I. If I want to think the goddamn moon faries are **** with me by adding microtransactions into games and we need to declare actual war on them, then I can. If you want to believe there's a big conspiracy in the games industry to put pictures of pretty ladies in games just to trigger the fragile little flowers that are women everywhere, you do that. But understand the simplest rule of the real world.


    No one gives a **** about you or your feelings.


    Have a nice day.
  • Kellycmck
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    edited October 2017
    Oh this is rich. If it's such a problem go screw around in another game. And don't even think of calling me another typical man saying pointless **** because I'm a female too. I see no problem with the pinup or any art in this game depicting females, it's quite funny to be honest.
  • KingKongFetus
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    LOL Well, for me, being a typical male predator, I'd rather see a virtual hot chick flash before my eyes before I die than anything else I can think of at the moment. If this ACTUALLY bothers you, I would say you have had a pretty dang sheltered life and should get out of the house some more. There's a LOT of bad things that are happening and you could put your energy towards something a little more productive than whining about some virtual babes.
  • mr2meows
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    wow this 2 year old dont even know the definition of sexist
  • Valaska
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    Excuse me? What? Is this another "That's not tracer!" post? Even though it was proven that person was a man, and had no child, and was just angry that Blizzard didn't adhere to his virtual waifu's art?

    Come the heck on, this is absolutely ridiculous levels of sensitivity which are unwarranted. Should we cover Bliss' arms up? Should we remove the animation where the ex 64 guys smack the other guy on the butt because its sexual harassment? This is a shooter, a game with high impact violence, blood, guts, gore, and even some tongue in cheek WWII era sexuality... which WOMEN POSE FOR! It is a line of work, models love this stuff, I am dating a woman with pinup art ON HER BODY. Grow the **** up.
  • Magikf1ngers
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    I'm closing this thread - it's not in the appropriate area, and people keep resurrecting it even though it's three or more years old. Look at the dates folks - it's against forum rules to resurrect threads.
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