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Audio Crackling and Popping



  • Magikf1ngers
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    I tried everything and lured several forum threads. after six hours and almost attempting to refund that game i finally found a solution. at least for NVIDIA GTX 970 users this could help.

    set TEXTURE STREAMING BUDGET from default/recommended to 3.0 GB VRAM

    Somehow game does not realise that GTX 970 has fake 4GB VRAM and does not work propperly with it. So if you have it as 4+ or disabled -> sound crackling/popping. But value 3 = no sound crackling/popping.

    Hope this works for you too. But it is just an workaround. I have to set this setting every time i start the game to zero again and back to 3 again, otherwise it does not properly recognise it and popping/crackling starts again.

    That sounds like a problem with the video card / drivers, not with the game, then.

    But good solution - that's a wild one that had to be a bugger to chase down. Good work!

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