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Audio Crackling and Popping


  • H1pVl4d
    1 postsPosts: 1
    Same here, framerate drops and audio lags and crackling. Tried most solutions mentioned on here -- didn't help. Game is barely playable -- which is sad, cause it's really good, wouldn't want to refund it if it worked.

    Win 10
    Intel i5 4210H
    Nvidia GTX 960M
    8GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • SneakyGemini
    10 postsPosts: 11
    Looks like they want us to post our dxdiag texts here to help them replicate the issue. Mine should be attached to this post. Just to confirm i'm having the same audio stutter from cpu getting capped out at 100% when it really shouldn't be.
  • parkbot
    9 postsPosts: 9
    edited November 2016
    Attaching my dxdiag.txt.

    Edit: your file cannot be named DxDiag.txt since apparently multiple people cannot attach files with the same name.
  • Looks like they want us to post our dxdiag texts here to help them replicate the issue. Mine should be attached to this post. Just to confirm i'm having the same audio stutter from cpu getting capped out at 100% when it really shouldn't be.

    The bizarre thing is, with me, the CPU cores don't get maxxed. One core will be getting near 80% where the others are a lot lower. Odd.

    I will get my DXDiag later or tomorrow. Bit busy at the moment.
  • callummr
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    I get this really badly in multiplayer. Could be related to using a 7.1 headset, though it happens even if I uninstall drivers and have it recognised as stero. Perhaps having TS open at the same time?

    DxDiag attached, this really degrades the experience.
  • I'm having the issue as well... I turned all my graphics down to minimum and lowered the resolution (to 1600x900, i think) , and turned my audio down to 16bit 44khz, AND set the game as high priority when it's running. This did help quite a bit, but the issue is still there. At first I thought it was just audio, but when i had my graphics turned all the way up i did notice a very slight stutter in frame rates too. It also seems to be maxing out my cpu constantly. Seems like the stuttering/fps drops and audio popping/lag and the cpu maxing out are all related. Only game I've ever played that's had this issue. The issue occurs the same on my logitech g933 and sennheiser 363d headsets regardless if it's on 7.1 or 2 channel. also happens on my monitors in every configuration, as well as my older headsets and even ear buds. The main thing is the audio, obviously the performance should be fixed too, but the fps drops are almost not noticeable.
  • well issue is still there and i can't find a way over it. any news from respawn if they actually working on anything?
  • I bought the game today and have the same issues. Tried some of the solutions in here without success.
  • Here is my dxdiag. I'm not sure if this is what they need or if they want it while the game is running.
  • parkbot
    9 postsPosts: 9
    well issue is still there and i can't find a way over it. any news from respawn if they actually working on anything?

    I think this is classified as a stuttering issue, which they are aware of. See here:
  • Vyrago
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    edited November 2016
    I've been having this issue as well. super irritating.

  • PumpkinBook
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    edited November 2016
    I'm also having the sound stuttering issue. One thing to note though is that my CPU also hits full load, despite being a 6600k, overclocked to 4.4ghz, vs my friend who is running a 3770 and hovering around 50% load.
  • jcsamborski
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    edited November 2016
    having this issue. also had it in titanfall 1, oddly enough.

    audio will pop and stutter, especially in multiplayer when there's a lot of sound going on. framerate is showing at 60+ at all times, but the game will get noticably choppy and the audio will cut out or pop. attached is my dxdiag

    i5 4670 stock
    evga gtx 970 stock
    16GB ram
    asus xonar DG soundcard

    i have tried messing with all sorts of audio settings in windows, nothing seems to fix it
  • WIth Nvidia's latest driver update for my 980ti, the problem has gotten a little better. I can at least play campaign with few audio fuzziness. But with multiplayer the constant buzzsaw blue of sound kicks in once multiple fights get started.
  • laawri
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    edited November 2016
    Smh first comment got autodeleted? Respawn you are not making this easy!

    Anyway, been having the same problem: audio garbled when lot is going on on the screen.

    Platform: PC
    Issue: Audio crackling & popping when there's a lot of fighting going on. CPU at 100% load during this time, lowering settings doesn't seem to help.
    Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes
    Details on how to reproduce the issue: Happens every time on the campaign mission where you assault the IMC base with multiple titans. Also every time in multiplayer when the **** hits the fan.

    Have tried updating audio drivers etc, but I suspect that the problem could lie in the heavy CPU load.

    Processor (CPU): Intel i5 3570k @ 3,40 Ghz
    Graphics Card (GPU): Nvidia GTX 970
    Memory: 8 GB
    Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  • Soo.... I read some Threads about that problem...the soundbug is linked to the framerate, when the framerate drops, the adaptive resolution option will scale down some visual effects, but I think thats the problem of the sound. Maybe its because the engine cant handle to sperate the renderparts visual and sound. For me it solve the problem to set the framerate for the adaptive resolution option, under the lowest fps my System can provide in game (30 fps).

    So that the adaptive resolution option never starts to work...and suprise for me its fine then. :D

    Please try it out and tell me if it works?!!!

    greetings Danny
  • Hi all. Just about to hop into MP tomorrow morning for TF2. Good thing I read this thread. Question though. I use the Hyper X Cloud 2 7.1 USB headset. Has anyone with this exact headset on any system spec/config been able to replicate the problem mentioned here with this exact headset? Thanks. Out!
  • JRock3r
    1 postsPosts: 1
    I have the same issues and haven't found a proper fix yet. Here are my specs: *i5 4570, R9 290X Crossfire (CF Disabled), 16GB DDR3 Ram, Windows 10*, I do have Razer Surround and Realtek HD Audio drivers installed. Have Discord, Steam, Uplay and Origin, Battle.net. For reference or info my Headset is the Senheiser RS160 Wireless headphones (Not Blutooth). I set every Video setting to low and turned off TXAA (Adaptive Resolution off) and Ambient Occlusion, including V-Sync. Heavy Stutters to persist after 2-5 minutes when games start in multiplayer and singleplay is after 8-10 minutes. I did set TF2 above normal priority but same results just slightly longer delay until issues popping up. I hope this info helps in figuring out what the problem is.
  • naarbin
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    Hi peeps.
    One quiestion: why is this issue, present since the launch of the game, still an ISSUE!? I mean, with all the voices out therem in the internetsm it should've been updated/fixed a long, long time ago!
    I've tried posting the problem on help.ea.com but there isn't even a "Titanfall 2" choice to report an error in!
    EA might have decided to give us free DLCs, but the rest is as **** as ever. I mean, come on - I'm playing it on GeForce 1060, 16 GB of RAM, a freaking SSD drive. What is not good enough to run it smoothly and with proper sound??
    The first two - three matches are ok, then it's getting worse - maybe it's a memory leakage problem?
    Either way - I'm fu**ing dissapointed. Honestly. They used to make well optimised games.
    Oh, and yes, a couple of my friends is also trying to find a solution. So far - they failed.
  • Yeah, same issue as everyone else, wish i'd known about this before i bought the game, what a waste of money. Thx EA.
  • Bastydusty
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    edited November 2016
    I had the same issue but I managed to fix it with turning off the invidia gforce experince replay overlay and enabling triple buffered vsync and no stutteringat all. I also turned off Adaptive Resolution FPS by setting it to 0. Hope it helps someone. I have gtx 960M with 375.70 driver installed
  • I'm continuing to read through these posts and honestly I think EA/Respawn/us are going about this all wrong. One of the Respawn's devs came out in a post and called these audio problems while using surround sound headsets "stuttering". Of what I'm reading of the symptoms here this isn't "stuttering" these headsets are having. This is poor support/driver conflict for audio while using surround sound headsets. So let's go about this a different way. Everyone who's having problems with their surround sound headsets after reading this post, in your reply identify make and model of your headset, what driver the headset is using (if it uses one. Some USB models don't have a driver that loads into Windows separately before you plug it into the USB port. It loads the headset as USB PnP and then driver loads temporarily while the headset is active) and also if you're plugging your headset into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. I know the 3rd thing I ask might seem odd but trust me, some games when you load something like a USB headset into a USB 2.0 port will react differently than when plugged into a 3.0 port. I've been an IT technician for a decade and half who specializes in gaming rig support. That is all. Out!
  • Just gifted the game to a friend and they are having the same audio issues. We've been looking through the solutions on this thread but nothing seems to work at the moment. :neutral:
  • I have the same problem, it became noticeable at the beginning of the campaign level "Trial By Fire", and was also present during the aerial battle levels.

    CPU: Phenom 2 940 3Ghz
    RAM: 8GB
    GPU: Radeon RX 480 8GB
    Audio: Turtle Beach Z60 7.1 surround headphones (USB)

  • At first when I had this issue I thought it's just my laptop can't handle the game. While still playable the audio crackle and stuttering that came up with it is annoying. But then, yesterday somehow those audio crackle disappeared, and my game ran smoothly. I was even able to bump my resolution from 768p to 900p and still retain 60 fps without stutters. Until I play the game again today and the audio crackle is back with the stuttering. Really hoping for a fix, the game is amazing.

    My Headset is Tritton Kunai Titanfall edition and I'm using an ASUS ROG GL 552JX laptop with Core i7 4720HQ and gtx 950M 4gb Vram.
  • So is that it? The game got the Angel City update last night and it seems to have made the crackling/popping more prevalent. The issue is lowering my frames very slightly to the point of not being able to actually do well in this game. Will this ever be fixed?
  • MASTERX1234
    68 postsPosts: 77
    Seems like the last patch made this issue 100x worse, im getting static on every match now to the point to where i just mute the game while playing, still waiting on Origin to approve me for a refund, but seeing how ive owned the game since launch hit is unlikely.. so now im stuck with a game that is just data taking up space on my SSD.
  • MichaelFedorai
    7 postsPosts: 9
    edited December 2016
    'twas fine until the update dropped for me too. Hopefully a hotfix will be soon.

    ed; it's caused by CPU usage. It's what's happening in this next patch.. unfortunately.

    ed; origin -> repair fixed it for me :open_mouth:
  • Same problem, my game works fine for a while and then the audio slowly starts to break. It stutters and makes everything ultra-confusing.


    GPU: GeForce GTX 960
    CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3.40 GHz
    Useable Ram: 15.89 GB

  • rock1m1
    63 postsPosts: 78
    I got the same issue. It happens when the game stutters.

    GTX 970
    Core i5 4570
    16GB RAM
    Samsung 840 EVO
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