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Fall Through Map / No Respawn

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I "spawned as a titan" in Attrition on Xbox One, and it almost sounded like I was crushed, I never actually saw the inside of my Titan, but it was like I was under the map. I could access the pause menu, but there was no option to respawn and I couldn't do anything when not paused.


  • Sledge70
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    Has this only happened once, or is it happening often?
  • dandaman1976
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    edited January 2017
    This happened to me several times(i huess most of the time was on Eden). Can't reproduce it myself but it keeps happening.

    Happens evereytime when 2 things occur at the same time: you do a titanfall inside your titan, during landing animation(the moment your titan touches the ground and benda his knees) and you get crushed by a reaper-fall happening during the animation

    This kicks your player through the floor and you keep on falling away from the map. Cant respawn, cant kill yourself... have to wait for end of match.

    Btw: Ps4 pro, during attrition, playing as ronin
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