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Engine Error

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edited October 2016
I'm getting a crash with nothing on insane settings. http://imgur.com/a/fYrHv

Using a 980 with up to date drivers, 16 gb of ram. Happens around 10 minutes of playing multiplayer and sp. Other games work fine, like Witcher 3 for example.


  • Sledge70
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    Hey @Ause,

    This error is specific to Driect X drivers. Is your system overclocked at all? Ar you sure you system has current direct X drivers?
  • Ause
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    Nothing overclocked at the moment. I'll check to see if direct x is up to date.
  • Ause
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    Should be up to date as I let it all install during the game installation. Still crashing though
  • Is this the message you get? Engine Error: 0x887A0007_DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET. Cause this keeps happening to me. I keep adjusting my graphics setting to tone it down, still crashes intermittently.
  • TheKingOfAcesX
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    I got the messege aswell. a couple of times. but only when running the game in full screen.
  • Ause
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    Yeah, I went into properties and changed it to windowed fullscreen and it hasn't crashed so far.
  • mace226
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    edited October 2016
    finally managed to fix this but I had to underclock my graphics card
  • Ause wrote: »
    Yeah, I went into properties and changed it to windowed fullscreen and it hasn't crashed so far.

    how did you do that?
  • I can only change from fullscreen to windowed. But in windowed it didn´t crash a single time.
  • Jokery2988
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    edited November 2016
    i got same problem my settings changed to very high had lower fps but once i adjusted the game settings had constant 60 fps and after 10-15 mins game crashed i think is fps problem i got triple buffered vsync on at 60 fps caped from dx error said game sent some kind of instructions that videocard couldnt do i got gtx 1070 win 10 and latest dx and nvidia drivers got this problem on bf 1 too so is not isolated problem

    and i dont understand something what oc has to to with the game ? since only makes the game run better and this problem with fullscreen and forcing people to run windowed borderless an example inquisition on most of my computers couldnt run the game in fullscreen just windowed all had nvidia on them
  • Can someone help? I have a problem in the game where if I get into a Titan (campaign and multiplayer) the game outright crashes. It gives me the Engine Error: l1dput6345c6.jpg
  • Cyriann
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    Any clues on why the **** this error occurs ? Until yesterday I never had any troubles now, I get it at least once per day.
  • M88T
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    I have received the same crash randomly throughout my playing of the game. Sometimes it happens on the first game other times after several. According to my computer my direct x is up to date and I have under clocked my cards as was suggested. Not really sure what else to do.
  • I also get the same DXGI error since the first time I ran the game. Guess there is something wrong with it. Titanfall used to crash also a lot. I guess this guys from EA have not found out how to fix this crashing problems. I lowered the graphics, played full screen and windowed, checked for Direct X to be up to date, etc. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I feel I've been ripped off with this, not saying the game is bad, it is an excellent game, graphically and everything, but if I could just play it, that would be an awesome thing. ;)
  • steel_3d
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    Try all these steps (most importantly setting default GPU clocks/debug mode or even underslocking): https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/5166/titanfall-2-troubleshooting-faq#latest
  • Caulyflower
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    Played today including 6 crashes... searched the inet for a fix and found this on the radeon page to the newest driver:

    Known Issues
    Titanfall™2 may experience black square corruption in game menus or during game play on some Graphics Core Next products.

    so this means it will be fixed in a later patch or... sorry deal with it u have to buy another craphiccard?
  • ChromolyRex
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    Sounds like the driver people know about it and are working on it.
    Generations: Pilot G10.49/50 (capped), ARES Division G7, R-201 G5, MGL G13, Northstar G30.
  • 01Beaker
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    edited March 2017
    I am having a similar issue. The difference with mine is that I get this error message: https://ibb.co/gwbxiv Can someone help? This happens as the game is trying to start.
  • 01Beaker
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    Update: My issue was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
  • jamesedward11
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    edited December 2017
    I Am having a Diffrent Engine error upon Boot process of the GameoVcnddn.png
    Does anybody know how to fix this?
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