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Xbox is having issues playing with friends still since beta

The game is still having issues when grouping with friends on Xbox One. Xbox's friends list has the join/invite game greyed out so no real way there. Created a network and joined up through that. Group up with 1 person from the network and rarely do we get put into the same game. More often than not, either we end up in different matches though same game mode or one of us get into a game and the other doesn't.


  • Sledge70
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    Are you trying to join in on a friend in a match or are they sitting in a network waiting for a game?
  • Snodacious
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    Same here. All my friends have this issue. I am surprised that this was not fix. Definitely a game killer issue.
  • mavra
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    Same here.We play 1 game together and then we end up in different matches.This was the biggest bug in the beta and its still there #$%#%$@$. You had 2 months to fix it !!
  • The only way I have found to consistently get in a match with friends is leaving the matchmaking after every match, then re-inviting your friends in your network to a new game. Then you have approximately 10 secs to join, or you get put into different matches. What was wrong with playing as a party? This is very user unfriendly and really needs to be fixed.
  • zuwarrior80
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    this is odd. My friend and I played together PvP all night with no problem. I used the "invite" option. I wonder if its game mode prl?
    Im using Xb1.
  • We only found that the invite option worked if we were in a network. The problem is once the game is over, it separates the players that are in the network into other games unless you back out and re-invite the network.
  • zuwarrior80
    229 postsPosts: 244 ✭✭✭
    Im only playing PvP, so i guess my group should stick with Invite option.. lol
  • Having same party and network problems with friends as the beta was hoping this was fixed as they acknowledged the problem during the beta. Everytime my friends play as network get one game then pumped into different lobbies this is not good as this is the reason we all got the game to play as a party this needs to be addressed quickly or this will die a death like titanfall in multiplayer as this is a game breaker........
  • Trying to play this game with friends on Xbox One is a painful experience!

    Last night I was trying to play with 4 friends. We are all members of the same small private network. We were all connected to the same server. Here's the issues we had: -

    1. Often, we could not see everyone appearing in the player list for the network. One or more people would be missing. The person missing could not see anyone's names in the list. Switching to a different network and back sometimes fixed it, but sometimes it did not. We'd often have to mess around for 5-10 minutes just so all 5 names showed up in the player list.

    2. When using the "Invite network" feature, often one or more players would not get an invite, so we'd have to cancel the countdown and send the invites again until everyone got them.

    3. Sometimes it would say "found 12/12 players" (or whatever), and the game would go no further than that, so the match would never start. Sometimes it would say "Connecting to match", but it would never start.

    4. Sometimes the game would start, but one or more of us wasn't even in the same match. We'd be playing the same mode, but in a completely different match. This wasn't the result of us trying to join a game in progress that was full either.

    5. Sometimes the game would start and we wouldn't be on the same team. This was even happening when I was just trying to play with 1 friend. We'd often be on opposite teams.

    6. Once the game is over, unlike the first Titanfall where you can just stay in your squad playing the same mode over and over until you back up, with this you have to regroup every time and send invites again - combined with the issues mentioned above, it made for an awful experience.

    7. Often, pressing "Invite friends" just made a sound, but it didn't actually do anything. Sometimes it would work as it should and the side panel would pop open on the console, allowing you to invite friends, but a lot of the time it would just make a noise to acknowledge that you've selected "Invite friends", but then nothing would happen.

    8. Often, when trying to use the console's own "Invite to game" feature, it was greyed out so you couldn't invite the person. They'd be sitting there in the menu screen waiting for an invite, but it was impossible to invite them via their profile.

    I've not played a game with a worse matchmaking/party system when trying to play in a group and keep that group together from match to match. This is absolutely awful compared to the first Titanfall. I played for 7 hours last night and about half of that time was spent just trying to get me and my friends into the same match so we were on the same team.
  • Sledge70
    148 postsPosts: 227 Community Manager
    Our team is aware of an issue that is very different from the Tech Test that is causing problems with joining on friends, inviting friends and invite friend groups disbanding after a round of gameplay. Stay tuned as our team is working to resolve these issues.
  • Same here. No fix in sight right now. Bummer. Playing with a friend at my house and we have to play in different games. This really diminished the experience for us.
  • JoeMonger
    6 postsPosts: 7
    Same here. Kinda feel cheated out of my $60...
  • Does Respawn even read these comments ha. Seems like this is a common problem recently. Typically I'm a solo player so it's not a problem for me but it would be nice to play with ONE friend that's all I asked. Did all the methods the internet (not respawn) has told me to do when playing with a friend. None really worked. Furthest I had gotten was my friend in the same network for like 30 sec until the multiplayer said error. Fun game tho #TeamRonin
  • Im having the exact same issues on PS4. Me and my friend are on the same network and one of us sends an "invite network" and 90 percent of the time the invite never shows up. The 10 percent of the times that it does shows up, One of us gets left behind in the lobby while the other is in the match.

    Very frustrating trying to play with friends. Matchmaking sucks and it really is a deal breaker.

    We really enjoy playing the game if and when we do get matched together and are loving the new titans. I hope these issues get resolved soon for everyone. You guys have an awesome game here, dont let this ruin the multiplayer experience. Im rooting for you guys! :)
  • first of all I love the game you've really outdone yourselves on this one. second of all 5 of my XB1 friends think the same however we are not able to play together because neither invite friends works correctly nor invite network does (invitation doesn't show with every network member!!!!) . So please please please make this a priority because I am a student and still payed 69€ for this game which is a lot of money for me and you did deliver a product that was not fit for the market yet. That is just unfair and increasingly frustrating with every try that doesn't work.
  • drblazo89
    2 postsPosts: 2
    Reading these I could agree I had the same issues, XB1 here. The only way it works was "invite network" then backing out of matching making. However, I played with three of my friends last night and on a whim, I tried "invite friends" just to see if it wanted to work. It did! Didn't give me any notice I was put into a party. My network name was changed to "Party", so look for a subtle change. We were put into a party and we played without backing out of the party, it was fantastic. I would advise give it more time. Respawn is actively updating their game (which is welcomed being a long time Destiny player, we all know how long Bungie likes to take.) Worse case the feature is bugged and will be resolved soon. It was great to have party working and thought to let your guys know it's not completely broken. :smiley:
  • xxSDCxx
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    On behalf of most xbox one players. We want you to redo the actual menu screen and make grouping **** proof. I don't care for networks at all honestly. We want to see our people in a list all the time and we never want our group to disband ever. Wether in network friends or any other mode.

    I haven't met a single person that disagrees with this.

    But i do have 11 guys I like to play with that have shelved the game or returned it until it's fixed. I'm basically alone now. Fantastic game one of the best imho but everyone hates this network **** and the party system that doesn't allow xbox party controls either?
  • I have 5 xboxes in my house i can't get a single one to connect in this game! I have tried everything! PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE
  • XMAV
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    SO i just got the game, and this is a dealbreaker. I see its been an issue since october at least. I don't want a multiplayer game that i can play with friends. That makes no sense. Is there a game lemon law? There has to be some expectations for such a game, and a reasonable timeframe to fix them. If they claim to support playing with freinds, 3 months is WAY to long to fix it. Guess im moving on to another game :( Im just sick of spending more time trying to play with friends than actually playing.
  • Hawkstyle88
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    Bump still happening
  • TurboChards
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    In my opinion this is so broken now it makes you want to throw the Xbox. I would certainly think this would of been fixed by now, but it has only gotten worst.
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