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Forum Feedback

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Any feedback you have regarding the state of the forums :)

- Look into the "Reaction system" whilst it is cool and useful it is also easily abusable.
- When you post in a thread that thread is automatically 'bookmarked' (like in the battlefield forums). Help to keep track of what threads you've posted in without 'staring' them.
- Option to change to the desktop background for mobile (it's so white on here).
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  • IKeepitwarm
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    I wanted to be the first off topic post to actually discuss a topic.
  • crabman169
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    Would be nice for say a section on weapon threads and another for Titan threads etc. Keeps the place neat and tidying and helps to find things you're looking for (search bar is hazy).
    15 hours to 100% TF2
  • DaisyKiller42
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    That's why I created threads in the general chat section. They are completely unofficial. People may want to create threads for each Titan, individual weapons, whatever. I just felt like getting a bit ahead of the game and putting some placeholder topics in there.
  • Prep768
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    My wife loves Topic bars. But since she has been watching her weight she's gone a bit...............
    ...........off topic.

    Sorry couldn't help it!
  • teddy0ryan
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  • tr11134
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    The links to the single player and multiplayer trailers are reversed.
  • Rush-Enforcer
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    I have no idea why but i cant log in or subscribe to the newsletter on the offical titanfall 2 Website (i was never able to)
    Also it takes like 1 minute to get an error before that it just says "connecting" in my tab.


    here are my Errors:

    "An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #30.a0d91002.1473180657.b719301 "

    "An error occurred while processing your request.

    Reference #97.5ed81002.1473180849.172b20da"

    Does someone else has this problem or does anyone knows how to solve it??

  • PlasticNad
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    I haven't come across that error before. I know the 'error while processing your request' is usually a server issue. So just keep refreshing. If not, try using a different email address
  • I have a similar issue. Every time I try to sign up to the Titanfall newsletter I get a message saying : "AUTH FAILED NO SUITABLE PERSONA FOUND ON YOUR EA ACCOUNT." No idea why, I've had no trouble signing up to the Battlefield 1 Insider's Newsletter.
  • Rush-Enforcer
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    Yea exactly my problem and i think i know something now... It only works if you have a playstation or xbox id linked to your origin account. This is a bug with the newsletter that should have been fixed but... You know the rest!
  • Felutia
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    When i try subscribe or sing up on titanfall 2 site i recive mesage like:
    "Error Authentication
    On your EA found a suitable way of account."
    original message:
    "Ошибка проверки подлинности
    На вашей учетной записи ЕА не найдено подходящего образа."

    Sing up on forum and EA site works correctly.
    What should i do to solve this problem?
  • Подтверждаю, возникает такая же проблема на протяжении недели, решить не удаётся.
  • I can not subscribe to or enter the site , gives

  • Are you trying to sign up via Phone?
  • I wished to sign up for the newsletter! yet the **** "AUTH FAILED NO SUITABLE PERSONA FOUND ON YOUR EA ACCOUNT" halted my hopes to be knowledgeable on the news. Also the callsign. I want that too.
  • Felutia
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    Are you trying to sign up via Phone?

    i tried but as i can see it isnt work, cause i tried singup via phone in a few days after E3 and still dont have any mesages on my email from respawn/ea/titanfall

  • where to go to solve this problem ?
  • FoxGAME_Show
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    edited September 2016
  • Felutia
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    Solved fo me. thanks.
  • xnarcosysx
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    All my notifications are turned on, but i dont get notifications when someone quotes me. Any ideas?
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