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Anyone know how to change your username?

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I signed into my account and it gave me this weird name. Anyone know how to change it?


  • Covfam3
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    edited November 2016
    I have been Covfam3 on here since I first joined to comment my thoughts on the tech test. The reason I chose it is because that is my Steam name and my general username online. But my PSN username is DustyLink due to a mix up way back when. And since I play Titanfall 2 on PS4, I wanted my name to reflect this because it might cause confusion in game, and it's bugging me. So as of now, I will be using a new account on the Titanfall 2 forums called DustyLink3. Just wanted to throw it out there.
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  • V3xbane
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    This one problematic child keeps spamming the chat channel so no one can read other's comments.

    Can we get a spam filter or rule to ban spammers etc? If i mute him, not everyone else wants to waste the time to do so which he just gets away with monopolizing the community chat

    Didnt know where to post this.. thx in advance.


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  • V3xbane
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    If anyone can tell me if this is the right location to post a complaint like this or if the complaint has been recognized by titanfall admin/devs I would appreciate knowing the issue is being addressed, thanks
    [PC] TF2 playerbase - East Coast | USA
  • V3xbane
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    does anyone actually work here on forums? like moderators etc? pretty sad 70+ ppl viewed but no one can comment
    [PC] TF2 playerbase - East Coast | USA
  • Soraisu
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    Unfortunately I can't help with your issue because I am on Xbox One, however I do believe this would be an appropriate section to post this in.

    Also, @Jayfresh_Respawn has commented that he, and Respawn, will be on Holidays until the new year.

    Give 'em a chance to relax before they tend to our list of demands :)
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  • V3xbane
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    Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
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  • Ammot4stik
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    Sadly could be wishful thinking mate, that any action could be taken. But at least with including the pic showing the information, that particular player could find himself being left to fight on his lonesome in game as the rest of his team sit back or quit ;)
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  • Nzwg
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    Since this is about Titanfall 2 I would have thought General Discussion is a better place to post this.

    There are rules.
    When you access or use an EA Service, you agree that you will not:
    • Interfere with or disrupt another player's use of an EA Service. This includes disrupting the normal flow of game play, chat or dialogue within an EA Service by, for example, using vulgar or harassing language, being abusive, excessive shouting (all caps), spamming, flooding or hitting the return key repeatedly.

    You could report that via Origin help.ea.com/article/how-to-report-cheating/

    Although I don't think they look at all the reports players send them. In my report, I give them a link to a blog where I post screenshots or video with statcounter.com so I know if someone views it. Mostly it's only me but there was those rare times when someone else looked at it.

    When I saw this (embedded tweet/link on top, image of tweet on bottom) z46SSSV.png
    I asked them this
    and "Do you regularly read the forums?" was answered at 28:47

  • abc1538122616
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    did you figure this out?
  • laddie13
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    I thought it uses whatever name you have as your EA/Origin account? Might be one @Jayfresh_Respawn can help you with.
  • Jayfresh_Respawn
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    Yep, Laddie is correct. Can you walk through what happened?
    Jay Frechette | Community Manager | Respawn
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