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Should Titanfall 2 campaign have co-op?

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edited August 2016
Would you like to play with a friend or 2 while doing the campaign? Or just a solo?

Should Titanfall 2 campaign have co-op?

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  • crabman169
    551 postsPosts: 598 ✭✭✭
    Yes: Solo ie: no Co-op
    Maybe a coop mode like Frontier defense, missions like in mw2/3 but the Campaign is about Jack Cooper and BT not Jack Cooper, BT and **** Jooper and TB.
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  • brizzo14
    74 postsPosts: 77 ✭✭
    Yes: Solo ie: no Co-op
    Haven't played it so how can we accurately judge?

    But from the trailers and what they are making it sound like it seems made for a solo experience which is perfectly fine.
  • GhandiMcNab
    4 postsPosts: 4
    edited September 2016
    Yes: Co-op
    Think they've already said no co-op campaign sadly - but please Respawn put in co-op, its the best way to game - also makes games accessible/attractive to many more people. Is a great intro to multiplayer or an alternative to it for those without the time/patience to "git gud" at multiplayer.

    After the success of Frontier Defence surely it makes sense?

    No co-op is usually a deal-breaker for me...... but dammit I loves Titanfall too much.
  • T4Labok
    451 postsPosts: 476 ✭✭✭
    Don't care, Pvp is life!
    Would be such a big mess! Only if they did something like "Special Ops" from CoD: MW2
  • PlasticNad
    193 postsPosts: 207 ✭✭✭
    Yes: Co-op
    Even if they were to make a co op, it'd be far too late to implement it now. I would like a split screen frontier defence though as said before by other people.
  • Nobod3
    60 postsPosts: 66
    Yes: Co-op
    I've heard game creators whine how co-op ruins story, but I disagree. I think co-op takes a story and extends its replay value by allowing you to share those moments with a friend. Sure, it might require some implementation changes, but its worth it.
  • Yes: Solo ie: no Co-op
    Personally, I'm all for an epic co-op experience, but also for a thrilling solo campaign. If Respawns story is epic with high replay value then I'd prefer an online meta-campaign with a smaller story created with each faction as you complete an interesting and creative co-op missions with your friends and/or other randoms. This would give Respawn the opportunity to further expand their law with more characters and epic moments that we (the players) take part in as well as setting up sequels.
  • Sorry, no co-op, no buy. Really enjoyed frontier defense on Titanfall and only played attrition to level up. Too much cheating in MP anymore. None of the anti cheats really work.
  • xIK0N88x
    532 postsPosts: 559 ✭✭✭
    Yes: Co-op
    I'm always going to vote yes for co-op in Campaign, it's always better to play with friends/family. However, this team has delivered some of the most stunning, immersive campaigns to date so solo or co-op, I'm going to enjoy it.
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  • Yes: Co-op
    Would you like to play with a friend or 2 while doing the campaign? Or just a solo?

    Deffo with a friend i love this game its one of my all time favroites and now its getting a campaign, im too excited but there would be nuffink better then me and my best friend smashing the campaign out together would love that respawn, so yes co-op
  • MADrag0n
    5 postsPosts: 6
    edited October 2016
    It will be very good if it have co-op some like in DeadSpace3 campaign (places only for co-op)...
  • Alex86UK
    20 postsPosts: 20
    Yes: Co-op
    A co-op mode like Frontier Defense, absolutely!
    1 postsPosts: 1
    what about co-op where one controls TB while the other controls cooper, when cooper's in BT one could control TB's movement while other controls weapons?
  • I would like a co-op shooter. I bought the xboxone but have hardly bought any games. I did the EA vault because its good price for the value you get (although the million ea sports games, big yawn). If you are looking for a good couch co-op game to play with your friends you are **** out of luck. So im gonna buy a new PC and use my steam streaming device to play some couch co-ops through that. None of my friends have consoles or ever intend to buy one but they like to play couch co-op games when they came to my house but with the xboxone thats pretty much history. Although i have bought the old master chief collection but looking with more than one player is buggy as **** but the co-op campaign is still awesome though.
  • So I can conclude from this that I don't have to buy titanfall 2 because nothing is co-op? I misbought the first one cause I wasn't familiar with the possibility of shooters not having couch co-op in them.
  • SubLimation7
    1 postsPosts: 1
    edited November 2016
    Yes: Co-op
    Well, not buying titanfall 2 b/c of no coop campaign. Their first game only online "campaign", and now the exact opposite lol. I will NEVER understand why people don't put an OPTION for 2 player on campaign. Your not forcing people to run with 2 people, EVEN IF the devs are too lazy to "optimize" for 2 ppl they could still add the ability to play 2 player, maybe just put a note that says "YO THIS GAME ONLY DESIGNED FOR 1 PERSON IF U BRING A BUDDY YOUR RESULTS MAY VERY". Obviously not those exact words but you get the point.... I game with my girlfriend, we don't do single-player, PERIOD
  • Yes: Co-op
    Would love co op. It's always fun having people by your side you can talk with and co op with
  • Darkslash092
    1 postsPosts: 1
    Yes: Co-op
    DEFINITELY ADD CO-OP. Who doesn't love doing a story TOGETHER with a FRIEND?? Even for those who want to do it solo, there's no option FORCING you to play with someone else. Just an ADDED option saying you can play together through the story with a couch friend or a friend Online, which by the way would just be absolutely awesome! So yes Co-Op don't see why not. With co op everyone's happy... even the solo player people. They don't HAVE to play with an extra person if they don't want to. But leave the co op option for the people, like myself, who DO want that attribute in the game. Enough said!
  • Supersid1004
    42 postsPosts: 53
    edited March 26
    i kinda want an expedition mode where you go to a certain place say horizon or typhon or any map tileset and just go through a semi open map trying to find a boss like an apex titan or ares pilot or something and it's co op and you get camos and can level up weapons but only weapons not actual levels and just maybe give the titan a voice for this mode where you can talk to it and command it to go look for an exit or something like that it would be a co op adventure as opposed to horde mode
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