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Very Long EULA

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It seems to be "the thing" nowadays, but the agreement we had to read to play the game seems excessively long. I know Respawn & EA need to be protected but since the EULA is already so long can there not be a shorter version, a TL:DR version?

Specifically I have a gaming blog and a Youtube channel and those are the main reasons I read gaming EULAs. i'm not going to export, or reverse engineer any code, not gonna flame in the forums, not going to impersonate anyone, but it is super important to me to know ... can I Blog about this game while its in Tech Testing? Can I post video while its in Tech Testing? I get the idea I can't but I grew admittedly impatient reading and just skimmed the whole thing enough to know I probably cannot blog or video the tech test.

I've seen other games with shorter versions of EULA, a summary if you will followed by something like "... and here's all of the legal jargon our lawyers said we had to include." Any chance?
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