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Craft Beer

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I've always thought Off Topic was for discussions about things other than the topic at hand. However when I look around, the threads here aren't off topic at all...well I'm going to change that!

I'm a beer connoisseur, or if I'm being completely honest here, a beer snob! I work at a bar so I have access to many types and flavors, my favorite being the IPA. For me, the hoppier the better! My favorite maker of beers is Stone, it's a life goal to one day visit the brewery.

My first beer recommendation to the Titanfall forums is, Citramax from Market Garden, they are out of Cleveland Ohio. Citramax is dry hopped with organic Citra hops. With a 6.5 ABV, it's easy to drink but boasts a full hoppy flavor.

It's that time of year again for Pumpkin and Octoberfest beer. I'm not really feeling it just yet, but a year doesn't go by without me having at least one of Southern Tier's Pumking and Warlock. A couple of years ago they released a rum aged Pumkin that was incredibly expensive but worth every penny!

So do you have any beer recommendations? I'm always looking for new ones to try.


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