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Tired of being mismatched with ignorant randoms or against Pros that make online unplayable?
Would you rather be part of a Private Lobby of close friends where everyone is on an even skill level?

If you answered "YES" to the aforementioned questions, then The Titanfall Legends could be for you!

I'm creating a small private Network IN THE SPIRIT OF APEX LEGENDS where each player of opposing teams can only select 1 unique tactical pilot to face off in 3v3 up to 7v7 game modes (including Attrition, Capture The Flag & Pilots vs. Pilots, etc.)

If interested, you would need to meet the following (3) requirements:

  1. Availability - 2 Nights/Wk, (Prefer Tue & Thu.) Between Hours of 9pm - 12am CST
  2. Choose a Tactical Ability - Need 2 of the following: Grapple, Pulse, Stim, Cloak, Phase, Wall and only 1 Holo
  3. Share Your Stats - Click Here to see what your stats screen looks like.

Send in your request as a response below or via PSN message to AGStros

"Prepare for Titanfall..."


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