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Unable to purchase Weapon Warpaint - Origin browser window times out, EA unable to troubleshoot

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edited December 2019
Platform: PC.
Issue: unable to purchase warpaints. Origin browser window fails with the message, "We had some trouble processing your request. There could be an issue with your order, please check your order history to see if your transaction was completed successfully, if not, try again later."
Can this be reproduced 100% of the time: yes.

Region: HK, Asia.
Connection speed: 1 gig up/down, uncapped.

Have tried an Origin reinstall with cache clear, Windows temp directory purge, DNS flush, bootable services check, Titanfall 2 file validation, etc.

No joy. Nothing shows up on my transaction history, and I'm getting no transaction rejected text messages from my bank, so I'm guessing the request from the in-game storefront isn't making it to the Origin api?

Would be great if you could take a look at this - Apex may turn big monies, but Titanfall 2 still has a loyal fanbase, and I'd like to support the franchise.


  • irateogle
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    I am also unable to buy any in game items in Titanfall 2. I enter the game, start multiplayer, enter the store, click on something for sale, the Origin window pops up and then nothing, just a blank white origin screen that never changes.

    What's interesting that there is one item on the in game TF2 store that I can buy which is the Starter Pack. I click on it and I get to the payment screen instead of a blank Origin window.

    I too have been through the tech support with little luck. I have bought a number of in game items in the past without issue. What I suspect is that the new Origin client is the issue but who knows.

    Love the game, would like to support it which is probably a ridiculous thing to do considering how old it is but whatever. Maybe I just want to bling out my titan and am trying to justify it. :)
  • 1AmMasta
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    Same here, can only buy things that are listed in the "sales" tab. Everything else redirects to a blank origin window.
    Pretty sure I was still able to purchase things half a year ago.
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