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Frontier Defense players

Hi guys,
I am a newish player, been playing for a few weeks now, just hit level 46!!! ive been enjoying the frontier defense games as much as the pvp so im looking for people to play it on occasion, regular for now and later when i rank up a bit the harder difficulties, i'd like to get every titan to aegis rank 20 one day plus i enjoy the extra credits and level ups on guns.
My origin is Savvarelli, feel free to add me, i have origin open most of the time so i would be free to play quite often.


  • Hey Savvarelli. I newish to the game to i just hit lvl 11 but iv'e been playing on xbox for 1 year but just swtiched to pc and it's been kinda hard to find good teamates so i thought we could play together. NitroFakes.
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