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Fix Ps4 matchmaking

This is an absolute deal breaker. So I join a friend in the lobby and we start the matchmaking.

The issue? He has very good ping with 1 server I have 150 ping. We leave near each other so that is out of the question. So what does this wonderfull auto matchmaking do? It consistently get us into the games of this 1 datacenter I have horrible ping at. I have 77 ping on 5 other servers but nooo the **** matchmaking keeps screwing me. Not only I cannot play because the netcode in this game is **** and has no softening of lag by calculating a mid position betwen players location. I cannot even finish 1 match when we play. I always get kicked due to my ping.

The is no way to fix this I cannot manually select wich datacenters to connect to. So I have a horrible game experience most of the time and no way to avoid it and if I disconnect I get a penalty to my credits.

Slow clap... genius!!!!!!


  • Firehs92
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    You can manually change the data center at the main menu, if you get regular disconnects try putting your PS4 IP/MAC address into DMZ mode by your router configuration.
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