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Connection to server timed out

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edited November 2019
Its incredibly god **** annoying, you've all probably heard it, replied to it, i've looked though everything and i cant find a fix even if there is one.

Any multiplayer game i hop into it will randomly just freeze and boot me to the start screen with the error: Connection to server timed out.

Im on PC, specs include: cpu, fx-3600. ram, 16gb ddr3. gpu, 4gb rx570. 1tb hdd.

I have tried launching the game and launcher as admin, reset my video settings, restarting my modem (**** we bought a new one), repairing game files, used an external wifi adapter, in task manager properties set the game to high, i play on the new york servers.

I love this game to death and I just want to go through more than 2 games in a row without crashing when im having fun like i just did, heres hoping for titanfall 3 =).


  • Marek3322
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    my titanfall game shows connection to servers lost and its been 2 days still cant play first titanfall..but titanfall 2 work beautifully
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