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Payload (Ogre chassis)

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* Primary Weapon: Quint Rocket
Fire 5 slow moving rockets in a spiral, ADS to tighten spread and increase travel speed.
* Ordnance: Mortar
Launch a mortar at the highlighted area, dealing significant splash damage.
* Defensive Ability: Bastion
Temporarily remove Payload’s weakpoints and reduce damage taken.
* Tactical Ability: Tank Form
Switch to a mobile tank form on treads while utilizing the Quad Rocket’s single fire feature.
* Core: Fusion Core
Payload goes immobile for a few seconds, launching a massive missile upwards and assuming control of it. When the missile impacts something, it detonates with a nuclear explosion.

Titan Kits

* Unsafe Loading:
Quad Rocket has 5 more rockets in the magazine.
* Enhanced Servos:
Tank form moves faster but fires slower.
* Dirty Bomb:
Fusion Core has a much larger explosion.
* Collateral Damage:
The more enemies hit by Mortar, the more damage it does to each.

This is the first of a few of my titan ideas, hope you guys like them!
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