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Extremely long login times!!!!!

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edited October 2019
This is something that has started recently. I'm having to wait in excess of 5 min. to get into a match! I even had to wait for over 20 min once this week so I just gave up waiting! It doesn't matter what time of the day it is either! I will no longer play this game if I have to wait any longer than 5 min. That's a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait and I won't any longer! My ISP is Rise Broadband, they are a bad ISP, do not believe anything they say about their company on their website, it's bull! My Speed is supposed to be 25/3 Mbs but I'm lucky if it goes above 5! Then there is the fact that the game will hang and hang my computer right along with it that causes me to perform a cold boot, unless that has something to do with my ISP as well IDK all I do know is that I'm STEAMING MAD because I spent good money on something that I can't used the way it was intended! Not to mention I'm always getting my butt kicked because of the damned lag! Not even close happy to say the least!
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