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Best mid close range gun?

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I’ve been trying things like the r201 and lstar and the alternator but I’m trying to find a gun good at close to mid range (preferable all ranges) I also liked the devotion but couldn’t get the increasing fire rate down. What’s a good gun?


  • HurtMaker3
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    My go to for close to mid is the car. Its actually a very diverse weapon situationally. Just dont try to snipe with it lol. I think i have more time on that gun than any other gun in game.
  • Magikf1ngers
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    I'd second the CAR, but I also think it's platform dependent, from the way some of the guys in here and our Discord talk. I'm on the PC - I know @HurtMaker3 is on XBox. Alternator can be wicked in the right hands, but it seems to have a bit of a steep learning curve.

    I prefer the CAR first, then the 201 for mid range.
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  • HurtMaker3
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    I am also very fond of the alternator. I go through phases honestly. My 2 most used weapons would be the alternator and car. If im playing a very mobile team that likes to stay in the air or on the walls alot i will use the alternator, if im playing a team that is kind of a mix of different styles or if the map doesnt support alot of super close range then i will go car.

    Example, on angel city there tends to be alot of g2 roof top campers. I cant stoop to that level and counter camp. Its just not in me. In that case i grab the car, and try to get in their face, but i can still hit mid range effectively if i need to.

    Obviously there are some people (gamesager, frothy, paper etc.) That can more or less snipe with the alternator, but these guys are the exception.

    The r101 is great mid range but is lacking in very close range. The r201 is good mid range and ok close range. I used to be very fond of the volt but they nerfed it into the ground. Its still decent in the right hands but its a shell of what it used to be.
  • belerac
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    Noob to the game here. So im looking for the best asult rifle to snipe with. As i simply suck at sniping . But do beter with mid ranged rapid fire. So far i. Doing best with the 101 i have it at lvl 14 no regen . But is their a beter one


    A uly just did a fue rounds with the hemlock and it seems prety dam good aswell. Posably burst fires beter for mid range asult snipeing. Agen could be wrong as i tend to suck at this type of game .
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