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titan fall 2

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I cant believe I have a $60.00 dollar game that I have to wait 35 -45 mins to get in a match. this blows and I am so **** at the **** that set up the server for this game. wait time is unacceptable. maybe its time to trade in my x box for a console that I can actually play when I get ready so so ****....


  • HurtMaker3
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    This is a 3 year old game and is largely abandoned. There is a small dedicated community that still plays and of course some randoms and stragglers. That being said i have never waited 30-45 mins for a game. I typically only have to wait 1-2 mins at max and i also play on xbox. Im not sure where you are from but you may try to change servers to one that is more active. But again realize that this game is old and not alot of people play it anymore, it has nothing to due with your xbox. By the way this game is available for significantly cheaper than that. I have seen it for sale for as low as $10
  • Magikf1ngers
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    Yeah, what @HurtMaker3 said - this game was released in 2016, and support a year later in December of 2017. The fact that it's hung on this long makes the original cost of $60 worth it alone. I'm not on XBox, but I am on PC, and I've never had to wait that long. I connect mainly to the Oregon servers, and I play at non-peak times, so wait times are longer, but typically no longer than 5 minutes. XBox is more populated than PC, so as he said - try different servers.

    Good luck! The game is worth the wait once you're in, though.
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