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My Fanmade Concepts and Ideas

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[Level 51 Reward]
Tactical: Plasma Warp
Warp a short distance ahead. Hold down Tactical button to warp farther.

[Level 52 Reward]
Kit 1: Enhanced Jump Kit
Longer wallrun, longer slide, and ability to triple jump.

[Level 53 Reward]
Primary: Sledgehammer
Heavy machine gun with bounching projectiles. 31 damage, 85 capacity, slow fire rate. 79 accuracy.

[Level 54 Reward]
Ordnance: RG-7 Impact Grenade
Frag grenade that explodes on impact. 1 capacity.

[Level 55 Reward]
Titan: Fury
Defensive Ability: Forcefield - Circular shield which is movable and blocks 60% of damage.
Offensive Ability: Lock-On Wasp - "Wasp" missile which deals heavy damage and locks on. Only one missile.
Utility: Rearm - Resupply abilities and ammo.
Weapon: Quad Launcher - Heavy quad rocket launcher.
Core: Cloak Core - Turn completely invisible for 10 seconds. Attacking IS allowed.
Kit: Modules - Wasp lock sequence is 80% faster.
Blast Heat - Quad launcher burns enemies over time for 5 seconds. Blasts are also 10% larger.
Laser Targetting - Rockets are mouse-guided.
Spiked Alloy - Melee deals double damage. Chasis health increased by 5%.
Assassination - Abilities are available while using Cloak Core.

[Level 56 Reward]
Tactical: Specialist
Passive tactical. You can have 2 different boosts.

[level 57 Reward]
Secondary: EM-3 Vindicator
Heavy long range one-shot pistol. Scoped. 100 damage. 1 capacity. 100 accuracy.

[Level 58 Reward]
Ordnance: Incendiary Charge
Heavy grenade which releases napalm on impact. 1 capacity.

[Level 59 Reward]
Boost: Backup
Call in a group of eight grunts. Charge: 40%

[Level 60 Reward]
Ordnance: Smoke Bomb
Simple smoke grenade which releases thick smoke, covering your advance. 3 capacity.

[Level 61 Reward]
Titan: Zeus
Defensive Ability: High-Voltage - Electric field which damages nearby enemies.
Offensive Ability: Shock Sphere - Launch an electric ball that moves fast. (much like the Thunderbolt).
Utility: Spare Boost - Thrust forward as if using a boost.
Core: Thunder Core - Long-range "Thunder" blasts which deal very high damage but have a slow firerate.
Weapon: Arc Cannon - Large cannon which releases high voltage energy that arcs from enemy to enemy.
Kit: Warning - High Voltage field does 45% more damage.
Lightning Speed - Boosts are 45% more efficient, and you move 10% faster normally.
Shock Amplifier - Arc cannon range is increased by 25%. Shock sphere deals 10% more damage.
Anti-Rodeo - When a stolen battery is dropped, it is instantly returned to your titan. Electric smoke charges 10% faster.
Teamwork - Friendlies around Zeus deal 10% more damage. Also, Zeus' abilities recharge 25% faster when teammates are around. Does not stack.

Shocked - Yellow lightning bolt striking the ground. Sky is dark blue. Unlocked at Zeus level 10.
Danger - Countryside desert road with no visible landmarks. Has a yellow danger sign on the left side. Unlocked at Fury level 10.
BT-7274 - BT 7274 standing in the middle of a mountain range. Snow is storming in from the background. Unlocked at level 60.

Voltage - Sign with lightning on it. Unlocked at Zeus level 10.
Cloaked - Cloak tactical picture. Unlocked at Fury level 10.
Boost - Boost icon. Unlocked at level 60.
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