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No servers found when retrieving matchmaking list

Case ID: 46799063
Xbox ID: TexanCoyote88
Location: US
Error: No servers found
Description: For the last 3 hours when i press play in main menu after launching the game it tells me retrieving matchmaking list.. For a second then tells me no servers found. Has been this way since appx 2pm cst. The last time i played was at 1am cst this morning.


  • bainst
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    This is an ongoing problem for the first Titanfall on Xbox 360. Solution is: In game menu, log out of Xbox Live. Back out to Titanfall menu, and when prompted to log back in, do so. Servers will pop up.

    If servers pop up, but no game connections are found, back out to the Xbox main menu, then restart the game. Go back through the process of logging out/in...may take two or three tries, but works eventually.
  • Same here today is March 12,2019 second time this month can't connect to server all other games are working perfect just not my favorite titansfall1....p.s titansfall2 sucks.
  • rickslamu2
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    Guy from Montana here. I was going to post the same. But literally as of me typing this I gotten to the multiplayer game.I'm on the Xbox the same as the guy who started this thread. And whatever happened just cleared up.
  • Rabbit661
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    edited July 2019
    No server found as of 7/11/2019.
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