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Where's Titanfall 3?

Where is Titanfall 3? Is it in development? Is it ever going to happen?

Apex Legends does not catch my fancy. "Battle Royale" games, "Freemium" games and similar fads are uninteresting & repulsive to me. I like my video game experiences to be pure and traditional, as if the developers actually put effort into making the game good, rather than following trends just to make a quick buck.

Don't tell me Apex Legends is Titanfall 3--it's obviously not. Just like Diablo Immortal, Apex Legends is a game no one really wants to play. Granted, I think Apex Legends is better than **** Fortnite, but it is still not worth my time & money. The idea of Respawn making a battle royale game is quite sinful--as sinful as putting electric motors in a Lamborghini. 'Twas also a poor choice to not feature Titans.

Make. Titanfall. 3. And I don't want to hear any excuses.

Until then, I'm going to keep playing Titanfall 2, maybe try some Titanfall 1, and play some Anthem while I patiently wait for the next Titanfall sequel both I and everyone else thirsts for.
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