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Stunlocking Reapers

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I'm making this thread to document a theory of mine. I've noticed a timeframe in which meleeing a Reaper will cause it to "stumble", or get stunned. If this is true and not just a coincidence, its huge as it would allow us to not worry about Reapers so much anymore.
I'll be giving it some attempts in a few different titans, and I'll come back with my findings.
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  • RedShield55
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    Having trouble testing this theory as melee range of Reaper's is more ground zero than a nuke's ground zero.
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  • Dinorush13
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    Pretty sure it has something to do with melee damage. Ronin can stagger Reapers with every melee with his first Aegis upgrade (which buffs his melee damage by 25%, 800 -> 1000), but he cannot stagger every hit without it.
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