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Poor development decisions

Hi First of all this topic is for whining and complaining. And its for PC version

Been made to promote suicidal terrorist warfare. There is no death count. Only stats are score/kill/titans destoryed/npcs. Players have no intrest to stay alive. As this require less risky approach. Less risky means also less kills/score per second. Staying alive benefit is hiden from players. For example me without dying a single time and with only one titan.(killed 10 pilots/5 titans destroyed/30npc. Im usually last or penultimate person on score. When other player with stats such as 12/7/18. He Got better score in exchange of his multiple deaths. The only benefit of not dying on left and right. Is less score to enemy team. So better for win ratio. Not like that is it matter as win ratio is broken cuz of lack of players

Batteries Batt were made to make this game a bit more teamplay based I guss. If so then its so bad idea. Despaing a fact that stealing a battery is extremely risky. And benefit is so minor. Most of players are random and most of them will die instantly and will not use that battery properly. So at the end people stealing a battery only for themselves. And its not that common as its not worth the risk. In my point of view its no reason at all as I know benefit of on not dying.

Penalty for leaving a game I often join a game where is 3vs6 2vs6 or so. And I cant leave a game as I will get Penalty for leaving a game. So either I stay afk with the rest of the team or leave and get penalty. Most of games implemented system. Where you are given a fixed amount of time to leave if your or enemy team missing member. Or alteast let join new players. Here its I have 30min. So I will play titan fall 2. First game oh its 2vs6. enemy running with titans and insta kill. Ok another game 3vs6 same story. I leave. I get Penalty. 30mins wasted

"Lack of content" I don't mean small content differences than titanfall 1 . Yes game didnt change much its same game almost. Just with bunch of **** things. I mean lack of content cuz I bought a game at 15/09.2018. Pop are 800-1200. I know pathetic. From all modes so far I played twice LTS that is way more skill based match then ATT. And not a single time for other modes. It feels like I bought a game and I get just a part of content. If I would know I would not buy it. Origin is advertising game with new modes. But in fact you cant play them. So I want my money back. As I didnt get what I was told I will get. Its simple as that

"Report system"
At the end of life cycle of each multiplayer game numbers of cheaters getting peaks. But in Titan fall 2 To report them you have to go through painful report system. So you get meaningless email from Origin "promise of taking care of it" . Which of course mean that they might but rather not. And they will not inform you further. In other hand Whenever I report in Overwatch the next day I get information. That Person I reported been punished. I cant tell if its true. But I get that info for about 8/10 players I reported. I report quite rare. But most often Im pretty sure they cheating.

Annoying notification Constant spam of useless content. You unlocked a skin or something. So after each game. You are been notified of mostly useless informationon. This is made to make feeling of "progress". In fact its just annying and hide important information instead.


It feels like a sandpit. There are bunch of people about 1k that been left by adults. Some of them play unfair. The rest play with no goal. Some games are 2vs6 and have you stay and waste your time. Almost all modes are locked cuz of lack of players. Gameplay with potential to be skill based. But dev gave players only suicidal terrorist warfare goal. So all skill based been throwed away


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    I'm going to close this thread - PC Networks is meant to recruit people for their networks in-game. It's not meant for general discussion.

    I'm also closing it because, first, most of this is just you being new to the game, and maybe ask questions instead of coming in and just complaining like this:
    • Content updating stopped in October of 2017, and balance updates / maintenance stopped in December of 2017 after a year of retail support.
    • Notifications can be turned off in the game's settings.
    • If you look in the general forums this is both an announcement and all over the place in different threads - to report suspected cheaters, record video, send it to [email protected] - it's manned by our community manager (an actual Respawn employee) and he will forward it to the appropriate people for analysis.
    • Content updating stopped in October of 2017, and balance updates stopped in December of 2017. That's why the population has declined on all platforms.
    • Batteries were implemented in lieu of the rechargeable shields in Titanfall 1. The entire Titan system has been done differently. Once you learn the game well enough, you'll realize that you can bail out, grab a battery, and re-embark during a match.
    • The leaderboard changes on what it displays based on mode. Attrition shows different things than AHP, which shows something else compared to Bounty Hunt, etc. Pilot kills are not necessarily the most important aspect of modes.

    I'm not trying to beat up on you - but if you go read the general forums which date back to around launch time in 2016, you'll see that many of these things you're talking about have been discussed to death, some were implemented based on player feedback and request, etc.

    Take for example, the penalty system. People were quitting games rather than taking the loss to protect their stats. It was a serious problem when they implemented the penalty. Still is, really.

    You're new to the game if you bought it on 9/15/2018 - you bought it nearly two years after content support stopped (stopped in October 2017). Most of us have let it be known that a year support is way, way too short, since it seems that the next version is going to have a long dev cycle.

    You're MORE than welcome to participate in the General forum, but I urge you to not put up these topics that have been discussed to death, as it's liable to get some push back from the forum regulars.

    We have a Titanfall Tuesday off and on - there's a sticky about it in the general forums - your'e also very welcome to join us.
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