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Network for players who aren't jedi-ninjas?

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I've gotten up to level 45 playing attrition (I did play the campaign once). I've got 356 kills so far, I occasionally get lucky. I'm wondering if there is a network for mid-level players? 80% of the time I'm out of my league and feel like I'm made of glass. While that might build character it gets tedious dying and re-spawning every 5 seconds (yes, I'm exaggerating).

I watch the replays when I'm killed. For some players (jedi-ninjas I call them) it seems like they just glance my way and I'm instantly dead. Is this fun for them?

So I was wondering if there was such a thing as a network where the “elite” are discouraged from participating?


  • ringwyrm0
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    It doesn't work the way you think it does. Networks don't exclude people from playing. The only way to achieve what you want is to do private matches.

    FWIW, I spent months getting better at this game... I'm still not a jedi-ninja. I still enjoy it, though. I'm much better than I used to be. But you just have to accept at some point that (for a variety of reasons, not just skill gap) some players will always have it over you. Lag, they always run in a team so you're always getting flanked when you approach, etc... I see some stacks of pretty good players pub stomping and I definitely just bail on those matches.

    EDIT: But do this right at the beginning of the match... if you decide to play, see it through.
  • RedShield55
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    Short answer, is no.
    See, the networks are basically hubs created for people to play together, by the people for the people.
    I created one and invited my dad and my brother because 'invite network' was faster than 'invite friends'.
    Recently one was created for Titanfall Tuesday on PC to help coordinate parties.
    Generally though, its a good idea to embrace the system they have going. You can get dumped in a match with someone a billion times better than you, get stomped, but maybe learn one thing. Like where there is this really cool peep hole, or a strategy you want to try.
    For example, @Dinorush13 (I think), on the firstish titanfall tuesday did a 2v1 (him as the 1) in a Northstar. And I thought it was so impressive how good he was with Northstar, he hit like 90% if his fully charged shots, he was only visible for moments at a time, etc. It helped he was using a controller, but that just meant that if I wanted to I could get even better at it. (K&M has a lot more potential than a controller)
    So I did, and Northstar is now one of my favorite titans, tied with Scorch actually. (they're like polar opposites, and I love it)
    At one point I closed a ~10 point lead the enemy team had in Titan Brawl, (we won 30-29 or something) and that was the moment I fell in love with the titan, and Boomtown.
    When I was learning the DMR (what a lengthy process that was), at one point another player switched to it and totally dominated me, because they could aim without hover and I could not. So I took inspiration, took it off, and now I'm all the better for it.
    Playing with these "jedi-ninjas" helps even further. You get tips, little things rub off on you, etc, and best of all it means they're on your team. They don't kill you every five seconds, and the opposition is lowered in heat (your team is stacked with the most elite after all) allowing you to have that wiggle room you need to improve.
    You also mentioned that you feel like 'glass' sometimes. That is because you kind of are. the guns have TTKs of like 0.2 seconds. To help, you can use the tacticals.
    Phase Shift allows you to escape the danger, but you don't start re-genning health during it. I personally dislike Phase Shift because of how fickle it can be, you're basically relying on lag comp/luck to make sure you get into the phase realm before you die.
    Stim is similar, but in that your health still takes time.
    Pulse Blade doesn't help with that, other than give you extra information to aid in the evasion process, if you so choose.
    My favorites are Grapple, A-Wall, and Holo.
    Grapple is really cool because it allows you to move into angle the enemy can't see you in rather quickly, or lets you get away from the situation quickly.
    A-Wall is cool because of two reasons. The first is the obvious, all damage that hits the wall is absorbed. This means A-Wall will save you from things like frags, 40mm rounds, pilot bullets, etc. However, it has health so if you're facing a titan its more useful for getting off a shot or two and then repositioning. Monarch (Rocket Salvo) Ion (Split Shots) and Scorch (T-203) will eat the shield and then you following it before you have time to react, so keep that in mind. The other reason why A-Wall is awesome is because it makes everyone involved super predictable. To the A-Waller, his foes will either: Dash through the shield to melee, phase through the shield to melee, flank, (probably to melee) or on the rare occasion the attacker, overwhelm the shield and take out the pilot behind.
    To the foes, the A-Waller will sit there and fire at them worthlessly and get smeared across their boot. So its your job, as the A-Wall owner, to be unpredictable. Move around, learn to accelerate quickly, jump through the shield and melee them (they rarely see that coming) move positions after a kill, but keep an eye on the old spot. (Pilots will occasionally return to where you were hoping to kill a filthy camper, but find themselves in your sights while you're out of range of their gun)
    So I mostly like A-Wall because it beefs up your health and simplifies combat.
    The last is Holo. The issue with holo is that sometimes it doesn't work. But when it does, you can be saved and given a golden opportunity. For example, say two pilots are heading towards you. You drop a holo. Pilot 1 isn't fooled, but Pilot 2 is hopelessly bamboozled. Now, instead of a 2v1 you can pull off a 1v1, then go after that second pilot who might still be distracted, or reloading.
    Oops went off on a long tangent there.
    Finally, yes it is fun for these players. Often times they have worked hard to be that good and played tons. They get to see this growth manifest in high kill counts, some really high (I saw a screenshot of a player who got 90 kills in CTF on Glitch) and get to earn bragging rights.
    I personally like showing off the harder/weirder/rarer skills, like being the only player in the community who can use A-Wall properly, or one of the few who can use an Auto-Titan effectively, just because those tend to have more moving parts, and I find that more fun than the mindless kill mode.
    I hope this helps.
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    ringwyrm0 and RedShield75 - thank you for the thoughtful responses. I will keep plugging away and not worry about how easy I am to kill. I was just getting a bit discouraged when I would go head to head with someone, empty a clip into (at least toward) them to no affect while one trigger pull from them in my general direction would end it. I shall persevere,
  • Magikf1ngers
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    NJDDDD wrote: »
    ringwyrm0 and RedShield75 - thank you for the thoughtful responses. I will keep plugging away and not worry about how easy I am to kill. I was just getting a bit discouraged when I would go head to head with someone, empty a clip into (at least toward) them to no affect while one trigger pull from them in my general direction would end it. I shall persevere,

    That sounds like it may be a lag issue - when you're at the first screen (Before you choose multiplayer / campaign) at the bottom it will tell you what data center you're connected to and what the ping is.

    Do you mind sharing that, and where you're playing from?

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