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Issue with HDR @ 4k (possibly solved)

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edited September 2018
Processor (CPU): Intel i7 8700K
Graphics Card (GPU): Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
Memory: 16GB
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

With the latest drivers 399.07, I noticed that while HDR is enabled via Windows Display Setttings, and my TV is set to Game Mode, the colors of the text/gui/hud look almost inverted and slightly too pixelated. Also, some colors in-game become distorted. Like when an explosion from a grenade, the colors will turn purple. This only happens with HDR enabeld AND when my TV is in game mode running at native 3840x2160. Now when i set my tv to generic mode, the colors return to normal. If i use a custom resolution of 3840x2159, the colors return to normal even while the TV is still in game mode. If i disable HDR, and set the game resolution to native 3840x2160, the colors return to normal. This only happens in TF2. I have not seen the game updated in a while but so it could be a driver and/or Windows update issue, but since it only happens in TF2, i felt it was right to post here.

No isolated to TF2, happened in DOOM as well, set the res to 2159p, and it worked fine. Seems Windows related.
i7 6700k @4.6Ghz
Asus Sabertooth Z170
16GB DDR4 Corsair Dominator @2400Mhz
GTX 1080 FE @2.1Ghz w/c
550GB RAID 0; WD Velociraptors
1200w Corsair Gold PSU
and a keyboard
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