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TO RESPAWN: Please make network ADV to be able to chat.

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As i notice this game is getting less and less players. I think respawn should consider making players at ADV network to be able to chat with one another so that old players can help new, or people there can party up to join games together. As i wanted to play frontier defense, but noticed i can't ask any players at ADV network to join my game as i am automatically muted there.


  • I been playing titanfall 1and tt2 from the day it came out and i love this game and its the only game i play for that reason i been paying all this time, for play the game online multiplayer , like a few weeks ago has been very difficult get a good server soo i have to wait long periods for play in a match and the same for the others players ,so i am not sure what happens but if you want us play APEX is not fair at all coz that game look to me like **** like a cheapest copy from titanfall and i still playing titanfall so please come back the server to the normaly ,and remember we are paying for play this game ,is not only me there is too many people thinking the same way and the same problems with the game,thanks and i hope you guys can fix the problem
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