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My Titan Concept- Jäger

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edited September 2018
Name: Jäger
Weapon: XO-17 Battlerifle
Health: 10000 hp, 2000 when doomed
Dash: 2
Melee: Hunting knife
Class: Medium
Role: Roamer
Defensive Ability: Camouflage Shield; Jäger deploys a static partical wall(much like Tone) that makes all titans behind it invisible but showing the background for 20 seconds
Utility Ability 1: Blood trail; tracks the nearest damaged titan for 30 seconds
Utility Ability 2: Mantle; like my pilot tactical this allows the titan to climb low buildings (like the Exoplanet ones) 17 second cooldown
Offensive Ability: Fires 12 Multi-lock missiles; 5 second cooldown.
Core Ability: Hunting Core; doubles the XO-17’s damage and reveals all enemies for Jäger by highlighting them in red but turning the rest of the map greyscale

Jäger Kits:
Kit 1: Defensive Camo: Gives the Camouflage Shield 800 hp.
Kit 2: Coordinated Hunter: Shows the rest of your team enemies when using core ability.
Kit 3: Parkour Expert: Increases speed and distance for mantling.
Kit 4: Long Range Killer: Increases zoom and stability for the XO-17 by 25%.
Kit 5: Missile Capacity: Adds 5 extra missiles for the multi-lock missiles.

Comment improvements please
PS you must select the utility you want in the loadout menu
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