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PC Players Active?

Anyone on PC still play this game? If so im looking for some friends to play the game with. Add me on origin -RazorChronos-


  • vodkacat1104
    2 postsPosts: 2
    I'm playing this game on pc, just got it few months ago, my origin -vodkacat1104-
  • I play on PC. Currently I'm looking for a good Network or group of people to play with. My Origin name is Sortep1977. Not the greatest, though.
  • koopertroper
    1 postsPosts: 1
    edited October 5
    As a new player, I'm a little bit desperate to ACTUALLY GET IN A GAME.
    I managed to play about one or two rounds before the matchmaker decided I would be better off not connecting with the 2000 or so other active players.
    Essentially, I need to stick to co-op if I ever want to enjoy multiplayer. My Origin account is "koopertroper"
    Please add me, I need saving lol
  • ButtHz
    1 postsPosts: 1
    I have not yet tried much PvP, but I get on fairly regularly, sometimes with friends, to play Frontier Defense. Love these types of co-op modes in games and TF2 might be the best I've played. Been having a blast learning the titans and ranking each up to Aegis 20 to get all upgrades. I usually play on normal, have only completed (barely) hard a couple of times. Wouldn't mind some people to play with, try harder difficulties or who knows maybe PvP. Add me - ButtHz
  • I'm still active. Origin gamer tag
    Looking for friends who play.
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