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Frontier Defense Enemy Titans

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Why do the enemy Titans in Frontier Defense have extra terminations/animations? If you don't know what I mean, for example, I was playing Frontier Defense and I saw a Legion rip off both arms of one of my team-mate's auto-titan, and then kick the body to the ground from behind.


  • Magikf1ngers
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    Not sure - I usually play Hard or Master and haven't seen the AI Titans perform executions since I"m a little busy. I'll try to pay more attention next time I'm in-game.
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  • RedShield55
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    I think it's mostly because Respawn could. Because of how the game was built, mechanics wise, a lot of the things that would flesh titans out more were cut because they just didn't work for play ability. However, auto-titans still do this regardless.
    My favorite place to go in Titanfall 2 is "Trial by Fire" it has a ton of auto-titans and its so cool because you can see them do these moves. Remember how at the start of the singleplayer during BT-7274 while you're under the bush, when the Apex show up, BT runs up to one of the titans, spins, shoots it with missiles while firing the XO-16? Well you can see more of this in Trial by Fire, as a sort of 'classic' Vangaurd thing to do. While not a termination, its still fun to watch. Stryders' (and Atlas's too I think) terminations are: They place one foot on the other titan's face, and they just push it over. The end result is them standing on the titan, and the titan lying down explodes.
    So yeah, these were built in because they couldn't expand titans through players, but could do so through AI.
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