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Looking for playstation players

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What's up looking for some people to play with who have mikes. Hit me up, my PSN is infeencible


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    add me HAIL-KING-BEAR
  • Ryftrr
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    What's up? I'm actually recruiting for a clan, XNA unite, although I'm willing add you and play a few games regardless. Feel free to add me back- (PSN: Ryftrr | discord: Ryftrr#6993) I know I'm a rather low level; that said I've split my time between here/PS4 and Xbox... Anyway don't feel obligated to join our clan, but if you do end up with an interest there, message me or the Titanfall 2 division leader, Arctic. (PSN: SOLACEGOLEM15 | discord: ArcticPlague1#6875) He's generation 20-something and, to put it simply, is a beast at the game. I happen to be recruiting as the organization owner though, so if you do happen to use discord I can set you up with the team. Anyway, think about it and in the meantime we should just play a little. Seeya! -Ryftrr
  • I'm looking for someone chill to play if u want add me Goodboyargo
  • I'm first time to Titanfall please ad my to play my id ALIENS 19711 Tenk you
  • Ad me ALIENS 19711
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