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Titanfall 3 titan ideas

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These are my titan ideas for titanfall 3 if you have any suggestions please comment so i can improve on these ideas thank you hope you enjoy them

Titan 1
Name: Prometheus
Chassis: ogre (same as legion and scorch)Weapon: has 8 shots(has to charge and up shoots big ball of red light, has big arc and ricochet 3 times before exploding
Ordnance: magnetic coil forms ball of green energy in hand and throws with slight arc. Pulls in nearby enemies(like gravity star)
Defensive:(name?) makes titan invincible for 2-3 seconds
Tactical: holo replica. Acts exactly like holo pilot has 2 charges
Core:energy burst core sends out a ring of red electricity that does massive damage and lanches enemie titans back(damage decreases over a distance)
Execution: makes holo replicas that surround the titan then they all fire a shot and the the titan explodes
Prime Execution:uses magnetic coil the fires 2 shots at the cockpit and uses core sending the titan flying

Titan 2
Chassis: atlas
Weapon: has 10 shots 3 second reload, hitscan weapon. Decent fire rate takes 6 seconds to unload clip
Ordinance: changes all crossbow shots to armor piercing ones( can go through friendly titans and enemies. Causes damage through shields)
Defencive: time shield.Slow down every projectile in front of you to a slow crawl
Tactical: speeds up time for your titan recharging your abilities and giving you 2x more core charge for damaging titans

Core: time anomaly core. Send everything in the visible area speeding through time, inflicting damage and freezing them in the present for as long as the core is active.
Execution: freeze titan in place and rip the pilot out of the cockpit then age the pilot to a corpse as the dust falls through your fingers.
Prime execution: rapid fire all 10 bolts in to titan cockpit then age it until the titan becomes a pile of dust

Titan 3
Name:Aegea( a leader of the amazons in greek mythology)
Chassis: stryder
Weapon: dual revolvers (no ads) 6 shots for each (12 in total) can be fired individually(left trigger for left gun right trigger for right gun)reload 4 seconds
Offensive: throws a fast moving knife at target does massive damage( 1500 damage to 2000 maybe) cooldown of 15 seconds( has 2 charges so 7.5 for each charge) knife is also use for melee with better damage
tactical : becomes cloaked (better that pilots are) and is not shown on the mini map for the duration of the ability. Cooldown 20 seconds

Defensive ability: blocks 50% damage with arm. Removes critical spots. Like a weaker ronin sword block( in game the arm with be armored)
Core:frenzy core grants faster movement speed as well as unlimited throwing knives with extra damage for the duration of the core
Execution: elbows titan in the face opening the cockpit and stabs the pilot with a throwing knife
Prime Execution: (while using core) aegea runs at lighting speed around the enemy while pelting it with throwing knives till the titan explodes.

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