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PS4 Titanfall 2 Gauntlet Trophy

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edited April 2018
Anyone who has this or can do it can you PLEASE help me get this dang thing? I can share play on PS4 and let you run it. This is the only trophy I need to plat this game and I mentally cant do it.

Someone please help me.


  • tubbiestkrav
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    Whats the point of someone else doing it?
    Plenty of vids on You tube
    Im gen 60+ and havent even tried!
  • RedShield55
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    Is this the top 3 achievement?
    Piece of cake on PC, some might be useful on PS4.
    What I did:
    Build up momentum before entering the gauntlet (jump on the wall of the entrance hallway thing)
    Use the EPG found above the firing range
    Use frags to increase your speed to 50 kph (simply cook them until the detonate. You cannot die in the gauntlet)
    Alternately, use Arc rounds for easier grunt kills.
    Have the EVA-8 as your other weapon, and switch between them. There are enough enemies that between the EVA, EPG, and nades you will not have to reload.
    Make sure you utilize sliding under the door.
    It might help to be able to bhop.
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  • xnarcosysx
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    You need to use the arc grenades and an eva. Wish I could remember the video I watched, but it's all about prefiring and throwing the grenades in the right places.

    Here's one though:
  • cosmicturtle333
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    Getting others to get your achievements is dumb. Earn your rewards or don't get them at all.
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  • Magikf1ngers
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    Getting someone else to get the achievement, aside from being basically morally wrong - would leave one with a sense of emptiness at having something huge like that without earning it yourself.

    No thanks. I'd rather just not have it than have someone get it for me.
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