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Party not joining matchmaking

Platform: PS4

Issue: My friend and I both successfully join up in a party together, but inconsistently join matches together. Half of the time I'll join the match, but my friend will be left waiting in the multiplayer lobby by himself. Other times, we'll successfully join a match together. This is inconsistent and frustratingly annoying. I've had to quit half of my matches (taking a loss each time) just to re-try matchmaking with my friend again.
What gives?
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes and no, because the issue is inconsistent! I can setup the party the same each time, and the issue is then reproducible 50% of the time. It happens on its own.
Details on how to reproduce the issue: Player 1 loads up Titanfall 2, and from the multiplayer lobby invites Player 2 to join the game. An invite is then sent to Player 2 (Xbox Live friend). Player 2 joins the game and the party now shows 2 players. So far so good. We're both chatting and talking about Titan and Pilot configurations at this point. Then Player 1 searches for a game type (I've tried them all: Mixtape, Last Titan Standing, Angel City 24/7, etc.).
Expected result: Both players within the party should join a matchmaking game together. We both connect to the very same match and should be on the very same team, and play within the same game.
Actual result: Half of the time, Player 1 will join the game, and while still chatting with Player 2 through Party Chat, we'll find out that only Player 1 has connected to the match while Player 2 is still showing, "Connecting" to match. Player 1 will then proceed to play the game, while the remaining player slots are filled with other players, but NOT Player 2! Player 2 is never added to the match.

Both of us have our Playstations plugged up with ethernet and other games connect us just fine.


  • I have the exact same issue just on the pc version, and it bothers the **** out of me. please someone or especially EA find a solution or fix it (mainly refferring to EA)
  • Magikf1ngers
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    Don't expect it to get fixed - support stopped on this game in December 2017.

    I haven't had this issue personally, but my suggestion would be to call EA support directly - these are fan forums, and no official EA or Respawn support is done here.
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