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Profile Not Allowed...

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For the last few days, when I transition from a different game over to TF2, it gives me the "lock" symbol and says "this profile is not allowed to play online." I have backed out of the game and restarted it and get the same message. If I reboot the Xbox and go straight to TF2, I can log in to multiplayer with no problem. We have 2 Xbones and this happens on my gamertag only & on either Xbox. My son was able to transition from NHL18 to TF2 with no problem last night while I had to restart my Xbone to be allowed into the best FPS ever. It's a minor annoyance but I'm wondering why this is happening.


  • JAM3SM4
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    Happened to me too. I tried all the tricks then signed back up for gold and it worked. Do you have to have gold to play tf2? I don't know
  • itbeatswalking
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    Yes, Gold subscription is needed for online play. I had to shutdown/restart my Xbone 4 times tonight, before I was allowed to play TF2 online. I don't think uninstalling/reinstalling the game will help because this happens to me on two separate consoles and it only happens to my profile and not my son's.
  • Nomad0406
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    Happened to me yesterday for the first time. I am playing the game for almost a month and never had this problem .
  • mike4mus6
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    So had the game since it came out. Did not finish the main game, due to not being very good at wall walking. Started playing multiplayer a couple of months ago. Got locked out and tried ALL the fixes except resigning up for gold? Help...really like multiplayer
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