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Respawn will you...for TF3

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I've played since day one TF1. For TF3 please add more gun customization. Bring back suppressors, maybe add a perk counter for map awerness for suppressed weapons.becaus with understand why they took them out. I just love suppressed weapons in TF1. Or just add them back but keep sound quiet but still show up on radar. Grips, prefer the holo sight in TF1 way more than TF2, and so on. You guys know how to make a great game so I trust it. Coming into TF2 I was hoping for cool SMG additions and boy I loved the Volt and Alternator. Please keep them as a staple and add more. Same with AR's. Maybe even add a Weapon class (SMG, AR,LMG, Etc) called Modern. It would be cool to play with a scar L, or a Vector, Mtar, and Aug. just to add that little extra spice. I know you guys are true to the game and weapon balance, but people would love it.


  • Gamer20144
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    One issue is once inside the titan the control get a little hard to get the hang of in battle and the other issue is I think the campaign part of the game is way to short it needs to be longer in my opinion like more missions and more game to to get to know your titan and the team you are part of. Like a mixture of the missions and campaigns that you have in the MASS EFFECT & CALL OF DUTY games
  • Organicalchemy
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    TitanFall is not about Campaigning. Sorry if you thought so but just pick up TF 1 you will see.
    Please dont dum down our Gaming experience for a Campaign mode.
    Leave that to Call Of Dukie.

    Plz& Thx
  • gamephilos
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    4p co-op thru the whole campaign with divergent paths. Nod to the whole industry stop making static campaigns and wonder why players are one and done...it ain't rocket science!!
  • BRING TF3 please I miss bt
  • I just played the campaign a few days ago for the first time and yes that was shocking
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