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Prime Titans

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One question, do the titans prime fit for anything? because from what I understood they just change the appearance and execution AND MORE NOTHING. you pay 4.00 for it and I still do not understand if they serve for anything besides these two things, if this is just to impress someone for when a pilot looks at you he drool because you have a titan prime, I have no more questions


  • narrowband56K
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    Thats all it is I think.
    All I know is, I want monarch prime. Gimme gimme
  • RedShield55
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    Its also because Titanfall 2 is an amazing game, to the point I willingly coughed up (45?) USD for all the DLC (minus weapon skins, meant to get those, never did) just to support Respawn.
    Help I'm trapped in a signature factory
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