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Trying for pulse blade kills...

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I'm trying to get the pulse blade execution, but the kills are an absolute **** to get. Anyone got anylon tips on how to get them easily? Or anyone willing to boost with me if there is a way to do so? Cheers :)


  • Cpope96
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    Update: I managed to get them legit, the thing I found easiest was wait for unaware enemies and instead of going for an execution I'd fling a blade their way. Or if I was running after someone, I'd line up the knife while chasing them. Hope this helps :)
  • narrowband56K
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    I was playing last night, and had just finished this sweet wall running escape from an enemy pilot, and ducked into a corner to recover. I look up, and there's the pilot I was running from! We're looking at eachother for a second and he just raises the pulse blade and I'm like "f**k". Then he killed me :(
  • OdysseyHome
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    Gstar and pblade in pvp mode. Trap em, fling pb, get kill... Then use tactikill for PB refresh.

    Could also use a mode where kills don't contribute to score to get the achievement. More opportunities that way.

    Was one of the more challenging executions to unlock due the pre-patch lengthy cooldown...
  • RedShield55
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    I think when the execution came out, I only needed like 1 or 2 more kills.
    My favorite pulse blade kill of all time was on Eden. I was on the bridge (also heard it called the tram rail), and on the opposite side of the station (where there is that really tall tower thing in the middle of that courtyard) I was on that small house in the corner closest to the courtyard. I threw a pulse blade into some electric smoke so I could see targets to shoot, and CHING! I hit someone!
    The best thing to do is to grab Pulse blade, tactikill, and power cell. Save pulse blades for when you are entering a fight, and try to kill your target with them. If you're like me, eventually you'll get used to the physics of the blade throw (speed, how it arcs, etc.) and you'll start getting more kills. When I use pulse blade, I average two pulse blade kills per match. (without grav star)
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