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Scoreboard and Player Rankings

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edited January 2018
I have some important feedback that I hope the developers can look into for any future games or maybe current updates.

I believe the scoring system should be shown as a k/d ratio. How does the guy that gets 18 kills/15 deaths rate higher than me when I got 9 kills/1 death? Aren't I contributing more to my team when I hardly die but still managed to get 9 kills? The number of assists should also be taken into account.

I think it should be ranked by lowest k/d ratio...here are some hypothetical examples:
15/1 = .066 (extremely skilled player)
9/1 = .12 (very skilled player, but not as good as the first place player)
20/3 = .15 (skilled player, but the 3 deaths helped the other team)
9/2 = .22 (still a skilled player)
15/5 = .33 (skilled player, but performance wasn't worth first place)
2/1 = .5 (this person got fewer kills, but didn't this contribute better to the team winning?)
18/15 = .84 (good player, but not avoiding getting killed)
7/7 = 1.0 (didn't help or hurt the team)
8/7 = 1.14 (very slightly hurt the team)
2/9 = 4.5 (noob)
2/15 = 7 (noob)
0/0= 0 (zeros not counted above anything with a single k/d)
0/1 = 0 (zeros automatically moved to last place)
1/0 = 0

With this method, the person that got 15/1 should be ranked first. The person that got 18 kills got the most kills and will currently be rank first, but overall, didn't play better than the person that got 15/1.

I'd really like to hear some feedback on this and other ideas. There are probably flaws in my method, but there must be a better way than ranking by number of kills only. My apologies if this issue has already been brought up.

P.S. I have been playing tf1 and tf2 since the beginning and have put in so many hours into it. Tf2 is pretty much the only game I play long term and mostly only pilots vs. pilots.


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