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Texture streaming Budget bug

I used to play Titanfall 2 last year with no graphics anomalies or hick-ups what-so-ever. I recently downloaded the game again, and have noticed that the texture streaming budget is not behaving normally. When I set the budget to the amount I have, (6gb), some character models, including my own, are plain black with no texture whatsoever. When I set it to None, it loads the textures of all characters, but the world textures are terrible. I get no performance issues even when I set the graphics options to the maximum, but textures wont load, even if I set the texture streaming to 2gb.
I have tried updating the graphics card drivers to the latest version, but that made no difference. I can play most other games on Very High settings with no issues. Only Titanfall 2 is giving me the graphics problems.

Can any body assist in figuring out what the problem could be and provide possible solutions?

My specs are as follows:
Intel core i7-2600K [email protected] 3.40GHz
Geforece GTX 1060 Gaming 6GB
Windows 10 64bit

Thanks in advance
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