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Kickt by FairFight after 357 hours????


I was playing a TitanFall 2 and then suddenly get disconnected from game and getting message "Kicked by FairFight". After 357 hours of playing TitanFall 2 a get banned, for what???

I already send the massage to EA and there did advise me to contact you guys about it. But to be honest after large amount of time and money I did spend on TitanFall 2 and this is something you do to your custumers.

If I am guilty of samething I hoop you have some proof of it!

Kind regards,


  • Same here after playing 205 Hours of Titanfall 2 i got kicked in a Round... I dont know why FairFight is banning good Players instead of Cheating ones!!
  • Magikf1ngers
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    Guys - this is a fan forum, only one person from Respawn really checks here, and not that often now that the game isn't fully supported. Myself and the other moderator are volunteer fans.

    My suggestion would be to send an e-mail to [email protected] and calmly, and maturely, explain what happened without getting self-righteous. If they can fix it, I'm sure they will.
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