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Can't install battery

Using the PC version. I have the battery symbol on the screen meaning I have it. I stand where the green slots are but I can't select the battery to install, I only can hold my gun. I press the E key (use) but nothing happens. It just keeps repeating "Battery Low", how do I get the batter to install?



  • RedShield55
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    You might want to approach BT from the front. Go up to his face, then under his arm. (Stand so your head is in his armpit) Don't get too close, sometimes the interactions are set to activate once you approach a certain distance after a few moments, so if you still aren't getting the interact message walk away, then walk back. Also, if this is the third and final battery you will want to make sure to kill all of the hostile spectres and drones in the area. (I think the first battery also wants you to kill the few grunts standing by BT)
    I hope this helps.
    Good luck out there Pilot!
    Help I'm trapped in a signature factory
  • This game is messed up, I go to load last checkpoint and it shows where I was but it keeps starting from the very beginning. I wonder if tech support has any ideas.
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