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New Titan Idea!

Generally speaking in video games, I play the support or medic type character, so when I came into Titanfall I was kinda lost on where to go with Titans. After getting basically every titan to Gen 2 and my pilot Gen 3, I still am not a big fan of any of the titans. I want to see some form of titan who, much like Monarch's Energy siphon upgrade, can give a shield to a nearby friendly titan, and a passive boost regen buff for a short time.The second ability would be low-lying electric smoke cloud, but is much wider, that damages pilots and heavily slowing titans. The third ability want a grapple function, allowing to user to swing themselves, only it doesn't allow verticality. I imagine the titan to be 1 damage, 2 health, and 2 mobility. For the core ability I would like the titan to gain a slightly weaker version of Ronin's boost buff during sword core, and a passive but powerful AoE shield regen for friendly titans, as well as maybe being able to take them out of doomed state. I think the titan should be called something along the lines of Archangel, or something of that esque. The titan would preferably have a female voice, speaking in a lighter, less demanding voice than other titans' (Legion). I.E rather than "Use particle shield for expansive cover." she would say "Particle shield would be advised for your protection.". Her weapon would be the Plasma Railgun, only it charges quicker, does less overall damage, and forms more of a shotgun style blast with a high damage drop-off.
-Side note: I want the shotgun to be called 'the Defibrillator'.


  • Dinorush13
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    I think the problem that a support titan has in the game is that each titan is self-sufficient and can win 1v1s on their own. I wouldn't be against a support class, but it depends if Respawn wants to move away from the independent sufficiency that all titans currently have. Neat idea, though.
  • Yes, but this would help players with lesser health pools(ronin/northstar) to be more viable and capable in more intense situations
  • OdysseyHome
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    The thing I fear about a medic titan is if you get multiple medic titans healing eachother. Kinda happened in battlefield series but was lessened by having one class resupply ammo and another resupply health, so needed to coordiante.

    I also find that different titans offer unique team support capabilities just by attacking in places their abilities have the greatest effect. Some titans are great a holding tight lanes, or open areas with clear sky, or kill box junctions. So really all titans have support capabilities if people know how to play them in that way.

    As for ronin / northstar they have rather potent damage capabilities so are advanced titans. One for CQC and one for long range and area control. It takes a while to handle these titans due to the skill for dashing, spatial tactics, and ability comboing, but when mastered their damage dealing makes them rather potent forces.

    But I do like the idea of a titan can can buff a single ally at a time to assist them. That'd be cool. I wrote a post about "Hoping for two new titans" a while back here: https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/14258/hoping-for-two-more-titans#latest where I outlined a heavy CQC titan with an electric flame thrower and arc field from the ronin's in FD as a core. Maybe she could use the electricity to give allies a barrier sheild that can absorb definate damage; allowing her to use allies like riot shields to advanced and get into CQC range.

  • RedShield55
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    With Energy Transfer taking a core, a cooldown, and another ability, its not a great option in Multiplayer. Monarch isn't support, its more of a "mixed bag" or "adjustable" A Special Ops unit.
    What we need is a titan that can create dome shields (an amp dome shield would be nifty if you could fire out of the dome),(1) have electric arcs that behave like:
    Find hostile titan and stun, shield friendly titan. If no hostile titan, stun player. If No friendly titan, heal player. If no hostile and no friendly, do not activate.
    As long as the ability is active players have a powerful regenerating shield, making it difficult to hurt them, all the while the healing enemies are fighting titans that have been slowed with particle effect over their screen. Does not target pilots. (2)
    Then it has a laser like weapon that will fire at the cross hair, and will buff friendly titan's damage and speed and all that, and nerf that stuff on enemy titans. When it hits a titan, it will also create a beam flying to another titan and will do that for 3 or so titans. This beam is very involving for the support titan, requiring them to hold down the ability key for as long as they want to use it (until it runs out of juice of course) (3)
    Titan: Ogre
    Name: ???
    Weapon: ???
    Offensive: (3) Overclocker
    Defensive: (2) Power Supply
    Utility: (1) Dome-Shield Generator
    Core: ???
    Note that some of these abilities are a bit OP, so the numbers of how they effect things would need changing and some things they affect would need to be changed.
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  • Snus83
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    No matter what new titan they add (and they won't), people will still play Tone.

    Requires no skill, deals a lot of damage, has a ridiculous shield wall and a radar.

    I thought that was a newbie trap, but generation 20+ pilots still play it.
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